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Weekend Workouts: BOUNCE by Beyond

16 October 2012

After a summer full of fun weekend workouts, I saw the temperatures dip a few weeks ago and started getting nervous. I love riding my bike, but in the low 50s? I did this in college to get to class during the winter and that wind is icy cold, leaving my attedance record in college to be lukewarm at best. I need new fun and unique weekend workouts that can be something I look forward to doing on my days off from work but inside, away from the artic tundra of Dallas with temperatures in the mid 70s.

Beyond Pilates opened in Dallas a few years ago as a reformer pilates studio. I've kind of followed them from a distance and have seen some people I internet stalk know personally get some really great results through them and say great things about their classes and instructors. The pilates studio is on Lovers and they also opened a spin studio just a few streets away in Snider Plaza. Their classes and program keep growing and when I recently saw that they started offering Bounce classes taught on reformer trampolines I was like, whaaaaa?!

Each studio has an introductory special of $15 for a class, so I signed up for the Saturday Bounce class with Chris. The classes are small, so you definitely want to sign up in advance to get your spot. Immediately after signing up I started to chicken out, so big thanks to the studio's cancellation fees for encouraging me to stick it out. My friends who do boutique studio workouts often reference the pre-class registration and cancellation policies as one of the keys to their success and it was definitely true here. Whatever keeps you accountable!

I was also nervous about being the lowly Preston Hollow girl amongst the Highland Park hot bodies. Surprisingly, in the small Saturday class I was in the clientele was really varied. I mean, while I was walking in a lady was leaving a pilates class in her athetic gear and with a dog in her purse, but I'm going to just kind of brush that to the side and also the dog was cute and it might have just been the owner or something. I can't really judge because who knows the cool places I would take my dog to if she didn't do competely bourgeois things like poop in the middle of Target. 

The studio is really clean and a good size where it feels intimate but there's plenty of room. I got my light weights and water bottle ready by my rebounder and a polished, toned woman in athletic performance gear (aka not my "workout clothes") came over next to me. I thought I would be proactive and smooth things over pre-embarrassing actions, so I apologized in advance of whatever flailing or failing was about to occur in class.

Me: "Hi, I've never been here before, so I'm sorry if I goof you up by bouncing next to you."
HP Hottie: "Oh, this is your first class?"
Me: Nervously laughs in agreement.
HP Hottie: "You're going to love it. In an hour you're not going to know what the f*ck just happened to you."

All my aspirations for the class were already confirmed to me. I had come here wanting the Sex and the City hot body, on trend workout and I found it. I even had my ballsy and good looking pretend bestie bouncing next to me. Game on.

Class was awesome. Lots of cardio pumping drills on the rebounder mixed with weight and barre style toning and a more dance-like, bouncy session at the end. The hour flew by and I laughed multiple times, smiled almost the whole time and got the most enviable forearm sweat. At the end of class you wipe down your rebounder and many women in the class had to wipe down their rebounder and also the PUDDLES OF SWEAT around the perimeter of their workout space. I was in awe.

What do you think? Would you ever want to try sweating puddles of sweat on a trampoline? As Frank the Tank would say, I had an awesome time. Usually with boutique studios I try it once and then flit around to find something else instead of paying another drop in free or committing to purchasing multiple sessions. This one might make an honest woman out of me.

To get more information on any of Beyond Studio's class programming, visit their website or check out their Facebook page for class updates and to see some very cool videos from their bounce classes!

*For your curious mind (and the FTC), I did was not compensated in any way for this post. I'm just your average 27 year-old trying to fit into the jeans I bought as a  24-year-old.


  1. ahhh i want to go!! this sounds AWESOME!

  2. Sounds fun. My #1 just tried a bar class and loved it. I thought the only bars she knew are the ones that sell drinks!

  3. That class sounds so great!! I really really want to try it!

  4. This sounds awesome. Can I please wear a Jane Fonda-esk leotard?

  5. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun if I didn't pee every time I jumped up and down! TMI..I know, but ask any woman who has had two or more kids... LOL!!!

  6. LOL, this is awesome! I fear I would definitely break an ankle, but I'm glad you found something so fun!! :)


  7. This sounds like so much fun! I love your HP Hottie bestie's words of wisdom. Hilarious!

    Tracy Anderson has reformer workouts that you can find through YouTube. I've never tried them, but I watched about 30 seconds of one and it looks hardcore.


  8. Trampolines are primarily purchased to be used as a family-time activity. Along with providing the family with loads of entertainment, trampolines also provide a huge health benefit: exercise!


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