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Gluten Free Eats in Seaside, Florida

10 October 2012

Seaside, Florida was a truly magical place for us. Our family is one of do-ers and go-ers, and for a few blissful days we took up to the beach to just be. It was the best medicine for us! 

When happy people tell you the secret to their happiness, it usually involves plenty of sleep and eating great food. We slept like babies at Seaside, without our to-do lists or a plethora of activities to wake up to. We also ate really great food. We typically had a bowl of cereal with almond milk and fresh fruit that we bought at the market for breakfast and would hit up one of the food trailers along Seaside's strip of 30-A for lunch. Since we cooked dinner at our vacation house almost every night, lunch was where we really got to explore all the great places to eat in Seaside! 

These spots were perfect for fueling up after a morning of walking the beach before an afternoon of boogy boarding!

If there is one place that you are required by vacationer's law to visit when staying in Seaside, it is Frost Bites. I am a bit of a shaved ice junkie, and like to think I can spot the good from the bad (it's the quality of the ice shaving machine that makes all the difference to me). I can also call the best when I see it. Frost Bites is the best. in the universe. 

It came highly recommended and was one of the first stops when we got to town.

Flavors upon flavors of shaved ice! With up to three flavors to a cup, plus the additions of cream, chocolate, frozen custard or gummies, the variations are pretty endless. The credit card minimum is $20, so bring your cash unless you are rolling deep for shaved ice with your crew, or I guess four people since they start at $5 each.

I didn't take me long to find my favorite flavor - the Pink Flamingo! A blend of pink lemonade and red raspberry. I added cream to the top because I have yet to find a recipe that was not improved with the inclusion of cream. 

We hit up Frost Bites every day! I say we because, although Markus has always thumbed his nose at shaved ice back home, he gave Frost Bites a try after one particularly salty swim in the ocean and was soon ordering two a day, sometimes within a hour of each other. Write it off as another ride on the roller coaster of Markus' "addictive personality" (like the year that he ate Freebirds six times a week...or the year that he ate Pei Wei six times a week - wait, that is now). I think it is just these are really damn good shaved ices. 

Markus' favorite flavor, by the way, was grape, sour grape and cola all together. I don't even try to understand. 

Our first day at the beach was breathtaking and relaxing. To be honest with you, I was pretty anxious for lunchtime to roll around because I wanted my Barefoot B-B-Q. The meat is really smoked right outside the trailer on 30-A and there is no denying the smell of smoked meat once it wafts your direction in the sea breeze. I wanted time to stand still, and yet I really wanted it to be noon so I could go get me some smoky meat.

Lots of housemade sauces for your sandwiches, meat plates, picnic pack or, in my case, nachos!

Hello, beautiful nachos. The rub on the meat is spicy but the baked beans are sweet. It was the perfect amount of meat for a beach meal before getting back into the ocean. I wondered, "Can sharks smell brisket?" Then I kept eating.

Of all the trailers in Seaside, Raw and Juicy was the one that held my people. The people who work here are just glowy and beautiful. They want you to drink their delicious juice and have a better life. I was all for it.

Not to brag about my beet juice, but Markus and I juice every morning in Dallas. I am not trying to wave my freak flag when I say that it is the best part of my day! Usually after a long vacation, the two things I miss the most are my dog and my juicer. Thank you, Raw and Juicy, for filling the hole in my hippie heart while I was at Seaside!

The juice above is the Spicy Melon. It had a great flavor and for having spirulina it had a really smooth consistency!

We had a lot of fruit and most definitely a lot of sugar and starches while on vacation, so Raw and Juicy was a fun and easy way to stay hydrated and get some greens at the same time.

Here I am drinking my juice and enjoying my more healthy and beautiful life, as accurately promised by the staff at Raw and Juicy. 

My fan favorite for this truck was the Green Goddess. The lemon makes it super refreshing and a day without kale is like a day wasted, right? I'm sure we're all nodding our heads yes to that one.

Honorable Mentions 

While it is not one of the 30-A food trailers, the gluten free pizza at Pizza by the Sea was so great that I am giving it an honorable mention for best beach meals during our trip, even though it was not directly up the beach from us. Pizza by the Sea is on 395 in the same shopping center as the Publix where we got some produce and goodies to supplement the food items for breakfast and dinner that we had brought from home.

I had their most popular specialty pizza, the Kickin' Chicken, and it was so good! With some Ranch on the side, because see above re: adding creamy stuff to food. The gluten free crust is not too thin and crispy and could hold all the glory that was my Kickin' Chicken. Normally with a gluten free crust you get paper thin or falling apart. The owner clearly did his research and shared that he tried almost every kind out there before deciding this one was good enough for his celicakin' clientele. We thank you for your service, sir!

I was so happy to find that the eatin' was as good as the beach views in this perfect Florida town! I'm already excited to get my Pink Flamingo from Frost Bites next summer.


  1. YUMMMM all of this food is making me SO hungry. It all looks delicious!

  2. raw and juicy and pizza by the sea are some of my favs from seaside! i recommend Bruno's pizza too

  3. Frost bites is my heaven on earth. No I am obsessed. I wanted to start one in Dallas about 5 years ago (obviously this did not materialize) but if I could just have one large shaved ice a day- perfection!

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  4. The Airstreams are fun and funky and the size of the place means the proprietors keep it simple.


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