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The Do Gooding Gift Guide - Gifts for Tots and Kids

19 November 2012

Thanks for coming back for Day 2 of my Do Gooding Gift Guide, where all the gifts spread the love outside of just your recipient. If you missed yesterday's Do Gooding Gift Guide for Dudes, check it out by clicking the link!
I have a small circle of friends who have decided to fulfill their lives through procreation, which leaves me, a twenty something mostly out of touch with commercial kids' products, to go gift shopping for the below 48" set. Although I was intimidated at first, I resisted the urge to go to Toys R Us (even though I frequent that place for coloring books and it is the BOMB) and buy another plastic, battery operated whatsit. After a little poking around I have found the cutest stuff and now I love shopping for kids! Here's my go-to guide for what to give kids for holidays and birthdays. I hope it helps you with your shopping list!
gift guide for kids

(Descriptions are in Clockwise Order Beginning with Top Left)

Ryan Bird Super Hero Cape - I got a cape like this for my friend's little boy and they sent me a cute video of him beaming while jumping off the sofa. I think they are so cute and, from what I recall, capes are pretty much the coolest thing ever to kids. Moms like this gift too, because the capes encouraging running outside to reach their full potential, which wears out children. They also have the child's name sewn on them, which every Mom I know is completely obsessed with. I don't know if there is an epedemic of kids stealing each other's stuff or they just want to convey that they're above hand me downs, but damn do my friends love putting their kids' names on stuff. This Etsy dealer is from Flower Mound so if you're a Dallas gifter, you're shopping local! Remember with custom orders to place them well in advance so they arrive before Christmas.

Out of Print Children's Lit T-Shirts - Markus and I have a joke that we can't wait to have a kid so we can show off what great taste in music we have by buying him little t-shirts with our favorite bands on them. These cute tees do the same thing, but proudly display what a talented and gifted child you have when they sport their favorite books on their shirt. Looking at all of the children's options brought back so many fun memories from storytime at school and the library! Every purchase on this site sends a book to an education program in developing coutries, so flaunting your child's love of books in style helps another child on his or her path to loving literature!

Chooze Shoes - These cute shoes for kids (and adults!) are the pinnacle of the socially conscious business model. The company invests profits in anti-poverty charities and programs, and the shoes are environmentally made with organic and vegan materials. The shoe boxes they come in are made to be colored and become your child's box for treasures and art! I love all the fun patterns. My future rock star baby will definitely have the Rockout design, and I will be sending some of the bright, girly prints to my friend's daughter for an upcoming birthday.

Trio Design Studio Tracing Pad - When I saw a photo of the daughter of one of my Facebook friend's working dilligently on this tracing pad, I found it so refreshing. Not staring blankly at a television or video game (which I'm sure my family will do plenty of, one fine day)! I looked into it for a birthday gift and loved that the designer is a mom herself from the Dallas area. One of my friend's daughters has a birthday in late August, so this gift was timed perfectly with her exciting start to first grade. Her mom loved sharing how many pages she had already completed when they sent her thank you note. I can't wait to get her the cursive one next year when she learns it in her second grade class! Trio Designs also sells cute, custom plates, iphone cases and paper products for adults if you want to shop for more people on your list at once!

The Little Seed Ballerina Mouse Blankie - The Little Seed is a online store that started in L.A. by Soliel Moon Frye - the original mommy blogger and PUNKY BREWSTER, Y'ALL! I have always loved keeping up with how she is growing the store while staying true to its environmental principles. I love all the cute clothes and thought this mouse blankie was pretty much the most adorable thing I had ever seen. My sister and I both had lovies growing up and I think the organic cotton on this one makes it a great lovie candidate!

I think these gifts are great examples that we can gift children with things that are environmentally and socially responsible without being "crazy, no fun learning toy aunt" (not that I've ever been called that before).

Does your child have a toy that they love that makes you happy as well? Let's hear it!

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