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Living in Karmany (A Dallas Yoga Studio Review)

18 December 2012

It is inevitable. After a long trip or big event I have such a hard time getting back on the doing anything wagon. At first I want to focus on nothing but getting sleep, but soon the total lack of exercise depletes me of any energy and I'm just kind of a bum. I can feel a small desire to be pedaling away on a spin bike or even whole heartedly strutting through the mall, but that first sweat session after a long hiatus becomes more intimidating with each passing day.

It seems like the answer to how to press the reset button and go back to my typical self is always yoga. Putting space back into my body through stretching reminds me of all of the energy that's there if I step away from the sofa and tap it. Yoga, for me, is a great way to get back into an exercise habit after a break, since the environment of the class is managing expectations, setting daily goals instead of reaching for personal records and challening yourself within your limitations to avoid injury. It's my favorite way to get back into the flow of things, no pun intended.

After I got back to Dallas, I remembered that I had a Groupon to a yoga studio here that I'd never been to before but had heard great things about. Karmany Yoga is at 5014 McKinney Avenue, in the Knox/Henderson area tucked behind the Katy Trail. Since I am not a runner, the location is a great way for me to feel close to all the fit Frannies that love to run and bike the trail. I am looking forward to taking a class at Karmany and then walking the trail down to breakfast at Company Cafe on one of these unseasonably warm winter days!

Some things I've liked about Karmany so far:
  • Donation based studio - One thing that can drive me a little bananas about yoga studios is the administrative circus that can ensue before class. An instructor using a software program he or she is not familiar with can't run your card, can't find your account, blah blah. Bring your cash donation to Karmany (it's a suggested $15 contribution each class), drop it in the money box and prepare to namaste. This also means no one trying to talk you into a monthly membership or class packs - which doesn't happen at all studios, but has happened to me enough to where I get shifty at the front desk of a yoga class.
  • Mirror free studio - While mirrors are great for checking alignment for beginners, I think my balance is more challenged and I am more focused on the mental benefits of a yoga class when it's mirror free.
  • Skilled instructors - From being a nomadic yoga enthusiast in the Dallas area for the past five years, I've taken under many instructors. I've been very happily surprised to see some of my favorite gurus on the schedule at Karmany. Even though it is a more casual, donation based studio they don't seem to scrimp on quality of facilities or programming.
  • Mix of classes - Most of the classes during the week are mixed level yoga, but I did try the barre class on Saturday and recommend it for anyone wanting to see what that style of workout is like before trying a barre studio or DVD. Since it is taught with a yoga background I got lots of pointers on alignment.
I really think I've found my home studio for when I'm really needing a good run of yoga time a few times a year. I love how with the donation based business model, I can feel confident asking friends to join me for a class! I'm looking forward to staying a peace filled, happy person through the end of year by living in Karmany a few times a week!

What helps you get back on the health wagon after a long break?

Do you have a favorite yoga studio in DFW?


  1. What a fabulous review for Karmany! Wish I lived closer. My #2 took a couple of classes in piloxing - pilates and kick boxing and loved it!

  2. Have you tried Uptown Yoga? I've taken a couple of classes there in the past and really liked it. My sister takes some at American Power Yoga and recommends it as well!

  3. Ahhhhh, there is nothing like yoga! I attend the Allen Yoga Center since it's in my neck of the woods! I love it there!


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