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Shopping with Soul: New York Artifact Art

26 December 2012

I love the days after Christmas. The joy is still in the air, decorations still abound and the shopping finally turns to conquests for the self. Before Christmas, I make a list of a few things I've been really hoping for throughout the year so I am sure to purchase those first with any new funds and not be too distracted by the sales. In the spirit of the joy and satisfaction that comes from shopping for one's self, I thought to share one of my favorite personal purchases his year. 

When I was in New York this month, I was very excited to be in town at the same time as the Christmas markets. Based on the European Christmas marts that I enjoy when Markus and I go see his family in Germany, these areas at Columbus Circle and Bryant Park are filled with food and craft booths featuring small businesses and handmade items. There is lots of eye candy and magical treats to taste, but as I was walking through Columbus Circle, one particular booth caught my eye, New York Artifact Art.

Scott Jordan, seen in his dapper hat, is a digger. He goes to New York construction sites and landfills and excavates items from the past - antique pottery, children's toys, housewares and glass bottles, to name a few examples. He's written a book about his digging and the photos of his adventures on his website are incredible. You can see behind him in the photo above where he takes his finds and creates unique tableaus and collages. These pieces are gorgeous in person and many are available for sale on his website. On the back of each collage is a handwritten story of where the pieces were found and what years they date back to. I love art with a story and the idea of a piece of New York's storied history living on my wall!

Jordan's fellow digger and business partner, Dolhathai, turns some fragments of history into gorgeous jewelry pieces. While many of the pieces on the site are listed as sold, there are many more available if you send an email saying what you're looking for. Visit their contact page on the website to inquire about what you're looking for or email scottjordan at I love all the blue and white china pieces, which is what I took home with me from the Christmas market:

New York was an interesting trip. I never wanted to leave but could get incredibly homesick at the same time. I could feel vulnerable without my usual support system but also felt stronger than ever. I loved how this bracelet carried the same juxtapositions: blue and white china like my place settings at home found in New York, the fragile china encased in a sturdy metal. I truly love wearing it and receive so many compliments! 

Meeting the creative people behind this great local New York business was a highlight of my Christmas season, and I highly recommend their work for a unique gift for birthdays or Valentine's day - or take my lead with a gift for yourself!

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