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Oh What Fun: How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

28 December 2012

This Christmas was a pretty, pretty...pretty good one. I think the weekend before gave friends lots of time to get together, which I really enjoyed! Sistah came in on Friday so we had lots of adventures the days before the big day and lots of time with friends. 

Saturday morning Sistah and I went to a donation ride at Flywheel for the Sandy Hook Support Fund. It was fun to get some exercise together and also felt like I was getting some of that grief to a better place before we celebrated the holidays. After our work out, we had brunch plans with my favorite blogging team, La Conception de Femmes! Whenever we get together it's like we've been friends for the ages. I had found these peacock ornaments at Target and brought them along, since all the girls who write LCDF are so pretty and unique - like peacocks of the internet!

Brunch was at Nick and Sam's Grill and phenomenal. They must have the best gluten-free brunch menu in all of Dallas. Sistah got the gluten-free egg sandwich, I had the gluten-free French toast with a side of bacon (treat yo self, y'all) and there were also pancakes and other exciting treats on the gluten-free menu. I also tasted Maigen's jalapeno grits, which were phenomenal. Isabel braved the Cap'n Crunch French toast. Everyone loved their dishes and it was great to catch up before the holidays!

Nick and Sam's Grill gluten-free French Toast
Nick and Sam's Grill gluten-free Egg Sandwich
The weekend before Christmas was perfect Kylde Warren Park weather so a group of us went for a stroll before visiting the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The food trucks were out in all their glory, and we were so excited to see that the Cool Haus ice cream sandwich truck had a gluten-free cookie option! Highly suggest bringing your family, friends and appetite to Klyde Warren Park on a pretty Dallas day. It really cannot be beat right now.

Christmas Day the Flywheel fun continued when we brought the whole family (Sistah and husband, Markus, me, our best friend growing up, his partner and his future know, what everyone typically refers to as family) for a morning spin class. It was a playlist of all holiday songs and super fun! Tessie smoked me on the Torq board by the end of class, but I think she was feeling competitive since she was on the bike next to Tory Aikman. We all left with a big Santa-infused endorphin high and were ready for treats! If you missed my early review of Flywheel, check it out. It's definitely one of my favorite finds of 2012 and I already bought my next class pack with Santa money.

We ended the Christmas run with the best gift of all..SNOW! It was like the whole weekend was covered in a beautiful layer of white frosting. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! 


  1. Oh, my gosh! How funny! I have been planning to post a very similar pic of my peacock ornament on LCDF today! Great minds think alike! ;)

    Thank you sooo much for the ornament and for meeting up for brunch! It was so fun and I agree, we must've all been friends in a past life or something! Also, looking at your food pics makes me want to go back there to order something new! What a delish menu!

    Umm, also, you saw Troy Aikman on Christmas?!? Luck-Y! :)


  2. I imagine them to be singing praise for the baby Jesus, as well as the snow, become ordained online the bird and the bush. The singing of praise in this poem may also perhaps be linked to the enormous relief of peace that will have still been felt at the time, the poem having been published in 1947, not very long after the end of WWII.


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