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Physique 57 Review and Guest Blog

20 December 2012

There were lots of changes for me last fall, mostly little ripple effects of beginning a new job where I've felt really utilized, happy and respected. Isn't crazy to think about how much that really makes a difference in all areas of your life? Taking control of my life professionally encouraged me to take the reins on some other areas where I was lacking. I think I make a better effort to keep a good attitude now, I'm more ok with saying no to the occassional outside extra cash or volunteer opportunity that, while enticing, just isn't going to work with my schedule...things like that.

I also had known at my last job that I had really plateaued health wise. Because I was always stressed out, it was all I could physically manage to go to a yoga class 1-3 times a week and eat quasi healthy foods that, now in hindsight, really weren't that healthy at all.

When starting my new job, I had a lot of sudden enthusiasm for getting back in touch with health and fitness goals. I knew my daily schedule was extremely subject to change and that I'd rather put a monthly gym payment into savings. I ordered the first set of Physique 57 DVDs and, a year later, I am so impressed with the results and am still completely in love with my DVDs! My birthday was about six months after I ordered the first set, so I ordered the second edition set. I love having six different and effective workout options that I can do from home.

Here are a few things I love about the Physique 57 program:

  • It has personality - The first few months of me doing the DVD, if Markus was at home I would be sweating and pulsing away, yelling out "DID YOU HEAR THAT? THIS GIRL IS REALLY FUNNY!" These workouts are seriously entertaining to me and if I go too long without doing my P57, I miss my friends inside the TV.
  • It works with my schedule - Between two 57 minute workouts with completely different exercises, two 30 minute express options, an arm and abs option and a glute and seat option, something almost always fits with my schedule! I've driven home at lunch on a day where I have evening events and done a 30 minute with a quick shower before going back to work. I tend to get home exactly an hour before Markus and my P57 time is my special hour between work and family that helps me shake off all the crud of the day. I've done it at 6am and 9pm, no time barriers means no chance for excuses! There are even new online workouts that you can stream on your laptop that I am excited to try!
  • All the cool kids are doing it - It's really fun to be part of a nationally recognized program that has a celebrity following. It makes you feel cool and pretty. The Physique 57 Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog and Instagram keep me really engaged. There are monthly challenges for DVD clients in calendar form for download off of Facebook, and clients of all kinds love to post about what goals they've met and set on the page. A few times I've considered blowing off a workout I swear they post something inspiring just to best me and I'm putting on my athletic gear a few minutes later.
  • It gets harder as you get better - No breezing through this or mastering anything. The stronger you get, the more you can focus on form and challenge yourself by getting your seat lower, your leg higher or your abs more engaged. Out of the many, many times I've done these DVDs over the past year, I've woken up sore the next morning every single time. And sometimes worse than when I first started! The's so good...
  • It freaking works - Even though I wasn't out to lose a lot of weight, the results have been really cool from this program. I am mostly impressed with how much actually stronger I am as compared to just more thin. I used to work out all the time and then be unable to put my carryon luggage in the overhead! I've gone from 3 and 5 pound weights to 5 and 8, and my back has been free of aches like never before.
Here's an official (as in officially outside of my comfort zone) "before and after" of a vacation shot a little before starting P57 and one from this October in Seaside, after a year of pulsing and squeezing about 2-4 times a week:

The coolest culmination of a year of effort came when I was in New York working on Hurricane Sandy. I realized the Physique 57 studio was not far from where I was staying in the city, and I got to go to the studio and take a class! It was such a great experience, and I've been able to make friends on the P57 team that made me feel like my normal self when I was away from reality. I wrote about my visit to the studio and it is featured on the Physique 57 blog today - be sure to check it out when you stop by their website soon!

I always love reading reviews of DVD exercise programs before I make a purchase. I've had such a great experience with this one that I can't imagine ever switching to something new, though I do still go to spin around once a week or to the occassional yoga class to stretch and relieve soreness.

Where do you workout? Do you get it over with at home or leave it at the gym?

Any programs or classes that have you hooked?


  1. Miss Lilly! What a fabulous review!! You are so funny! All the cool kids are doing it - if you said all the old ladies are doing it - I'm in. Kidding. My girls loved your post. Hopefully we can get together soon. Keep blogging!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy, healthy new year with your hubby. I will be in touch at the first of the year.

  2. I was so happy when I saw your post on the Physique 57 blog! I said, "Hey! I know her!" : )

    I'm a P57 lover. I think I've been doing the DVDs for about 2-3 years. I also love to mix in Tracy Anderson DVDs.


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