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Dating in Dallas: The Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff

19 December 2012

Markus and I enjoyed quite the superb date on Saturday. There is something about a movie date that feels so nostalgic and old school to me. As far as old school move theaters go in Dallas, there's really nothing better than the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff .

For those of you who did not pay attention in history or stayed above any phases in college where you might have locked yourself in your room eating leftover pizza from your job at Domino's while streaming conspiracy videos on YouTube (not that I did such things), the Texas Theatre holds a unique historical significance for Dallas as it is where they found Lee Harvey Oswald after he allegedly  shot JFK and an Oak Cliff police officer on the day the music died.

Eventually the Texas Theatre closed, but was reopened about five years ago by a group of people in Oak Cliff who wanted to use it as an anchor for the new arts community that is so bubbling in the neighborhood. It now shows first run movies, like James Bond and Batman, and classic films in 35mm. Unlike every other cool and historic movie theater in Dallas, this one is run locally and independently.

Now, we have strict rules concerning HD picture at our house. Rules that require it to be the only viewing format allowed in our home. Markus has the standard definition channels on our cable password protected so I am unable to record any of our programs on them, because he would have to forgo watching them instead of trying to manage through standard def. Then there's the story of my 82 year-old Nannie, who bought me Brave on DVD . What a wonferful gift, right? Maybe on my own time. To be able to watch the move with me, Markus had to go out in the 70 degree weather freezing cold and PAY money to rent it on BluRay. What a punk.

There is something about the Texas Theatre, though, that makes the 35mm film seem romantic and pristine. Also, our movie night selection choice.

You can purchase tickets online or at the theater inside from the concession stand that hosts the whole gammot of movie sodas and snacks, plus indie amazing Carnival Barkers ice cream and other local treats. The bar is right behind on the way to the theater. When I was asking the concessions worker some questions about the history - there is a specific chair they found Oswald in and some other quirky trivia - she said the bartenders were the real storytellers of the place. Make sure to get your history lesson when you order your booze!

How cute is the theater? It reminds me of something from the movies, like Amelie or the one they go to in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

If you love your Texas Theatre experience as much as I did, there is sweet merch available for purchase at concessions. Of course, what you decide to bring home with you might depend on personal taste. I'll just do my due diligance as a purchaser and inform you that a shirt from here of any design is super soft. Gotta love a poly blend!


  1. How fun! I love it when someone takes special care to recreate a bygone era.
    My husband and I love The Jerk (the signed movie poster is hanging in our office). My favorite quote that gets me every time..."I don't care about losing all the money. It's losing all the stuff."

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