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Viva La Resolution

31 December 2012

The theme of 2012 may have been "just keep swimming" for me. Four weddings (including both of our sweet siblings), three disaster responses at work, two of our biggest home renovation became easy to get off routine and by the end I sometimes felt like I was doing everything I could just to stay afloat. A big, bright light at the end of the tunnel woke me up this morning - 2013 is on the way and open to a slew of possibilities! I grabbed my trusty Sharpie and channeled my burst of energy into some list making. 

I've always been about doing the little things when I can to keep balance and health in my life. Many of the things on my personal list were formerly part of my daily routine, until said routine packed up and left town about March of this year. I've been a super happy kid lately but I could definitely be treating myself better. Hopefully these small steps reappearing this year will do the trick!

I also faced a new battle in 2012, that being my husband following me around with an HD camera on his iPhone. Holy self esteem problems. There is a reason why my mother looked about a million times more rested than me when she had two babies under age 2 at my age - Polaroid film was a friend of the 80's and I'd like to bring it back, please. I went to two holiday different lunches with girls all under the age of 30 and Botox was brought to the table - "As a preventative, y'all!" I'm not opposed to the needle, but I think I could be more on board with living in high definition if I stopped acting like I'm 13 years old when it comes to my skin. Thus some of my most vapid but hopefully easy to follow and rewarding resolutions were born.

The big family adventure for 2013 is cutting our own overhead. We have a budget and saving plan here, but I've been wondering lately if some of our spending could come down where we could be making things work for us a little more. We've even thrown around the D word lately (Dave Ramsey! So intimidating...). Mostly I'm curious to find a way to explore if our savings and spending plans are lining up with our goals and priorities and make sure we're not going through the motions when we could be a little more dedicated and see more results savings wise. If you have any reading or program suggestions on this, I'd love for you to send them my way!

So here we are, anxiously awaiting that calendar to turn over tomorrow morning. I've made my list, checked it twice, done some life enhancing Amazon shopping (signing up for Amazon Prime will live as my best move in 2012) and set my alarms of accountability:

What are your goals or resolutions for 2013?

Any skin, health or budget tips you want to send my way to add to the list?

Happy New Year!


  1. Miss Lilly... you are too cute for words! I think you are years away from the botox needle! I hope that we can have lunch soon. I wanted you to meet my girls but they are both going back to school this week. I will email you and maybe we can meet for lunch in a few weeks. I don't know your work schedule. I hope you and your adorable have a very healthy, happy new year and it is filled with great surprises!!!

  2. Yes, bring back Polaroid film!

    While I'm definitely not excited about getting (ahem, having) wrinkles, I can't say I'd ever use into Botox to correct them; I just can't imagine injecting a toxin into my body. I have such a sensitive system that I would be the person that has a horrible reaction to it! So I'll keep on exfoliating and hydrating. Wish me luck! : )


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