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New Design District Digs - Again & Again and Scout Interiors

30 June 2012

As I've posted a few times before, the Design District in Dallas is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, areas of our fine city. I work just a few blocks away and when I first started my job I was over whipping out my credit card with rapid fury browsing every day. One very full house (and very shallow looking checking account) later I promised myself that I would only venture over to Riverside if it was of utmost importance. 

Utmost importance like new showrooms for two of my favorite designers and dealers in Dallas? Obviously. 

My first stop yesterday after work was to the new Again & Again furniture space on Riverside. This store has been doing incredible upholstery and design work on vintage furniture for years and it is so exciting to see them in a space where they will really be able to grow and flourish! 

Head down Riverside and it's right next to Big Mango Trading Co. Look for the bright pink door!

The Pink Pagoda was at the showroom earlier this week and took some great photos of the new space. There were some pieces that had me standing slackjawed that I had to snap them on my phone for myself. 

I have the white four poster bed from Ikea and I wanted to take home this bench to place at the end of it. My sterile, Scandinavian bedroom furniture is begging for a little fancy...

Speaking of, I feel there might be few things fancier than a porcelain camel for your home. I think this guy and Little Child would get along great! There are lots of elks and elephants in home decorating right now, and I think it might be time for camels to have their moment. And if Kate Spade has taken notice than I'm usually put on high alert. 

Lots of fun things are coming to this space, like a fabric bar where you can make your re-upholstery dreams come alive and a lamp bar to mix and match their selection of vintage finds. I also hear whispers of a custom headboard station!

My "shut the front door" moment at Again & Again was over this peacock screen, most surely previously owned by Auntie Mame herself. I would, without hesitation, sell a body organ to acquire this. (Buyer's choice.)

My next Design District destination was over to 155 Howell St for the pre-opening warehouse sale at Scout Interiors. This showroom and back warehouse space is going to be opening in mid August. They're opening the doors this weekend only to preview their look and move some great summer finds!

One of the girls behind the warehouse sale is Kristen Dowd from Gypsy Soul Interiors. I first bought some furniture from Kristen off of Craig's List years ago, then stalked frequented her White Elephant space and now that she's moved her business to Facebook, I'm a full out furniture creeper. 

I loved this Thomasville buffet/bar cart love child below. It is the perfect size for a smaller dining room space that you might have in a condo or apartment.

I loved this elephant table when I first saw it on the Gypsy Soul Interiors Facebook page. I've started trying to rationalize that I can buy nursery furniture and save it for later use. Knowing this elephant is stashed away in a closet of mine for the future would make me sleep well at night, though probably leave completely jinxed.

These black and white drawings are gorgeous in person!

This chip and dip bowl came home with me...

as well as a pet lobster for my new bathroom. 

These framed prints were hilarious and would be awesome hung individually or as a set.

The last thing to make my eyes go wide in the showroom was this deer mold with a row of hooks beneath it. It took everything I had not to buy this and hang my necklaces off of it!

The warehouse sale runs from 9am - 6pm today. I highly recommend it! Scout Interiors just so happens to be next to Again & Again's former warehouse space, where they have a few pieces left that they don't want to move marked down to 50% off. This is Dallas amazing furniture finds history, people.

I love shopping vintage. My house feels so much more interesting and I feel like I saved a perfectly perfect piece of furniture from getting thrown away and put in a landfill. 

Happy weekend from Pancakes & Beet Juice!

The Great Bathroom Renovation of 2011: Wallpaper Stencil DIY

27 June 2012

This next weekend Markus and I are going to spend a glorious five day stretch spending some quality time together and renovating our powder bathroom! In anticipation of the before and afters to come, I share with you today the great bathroom renovation of 2011. (If you used to follow my Tumblr account, I apologize for the repeat post. Consider it me re-running some choice episodes before next week's big premiere a la your favorite Bravo programming.)

Although we thought we purchased a house together after we were married, in many ways it was a glorified 1980's Floridian retirement community condo.

Take the hall bathroom for example:

I see an episode of Seinfeld being filmed here where Jerry goes to visit his parents at their place.

Why was this being allowed to happen in Dallas? In 2010? Yeesh.

After much wallpaper scraping (and a few tears - as you can tell from the image below this stuff was NOT coming off)...

we were able to turn our hall bath into a life sized hamster cage.

We finally had a blank slate and were able to paint! I loved the idea of a pattern next to the colored tile but after taking down the original wallpaper there was no going back. Instead we ordered two different shades of Anna Sova food paint (Creme Fraiche and Flying Saucer) and set out to make our own pattern using a Benjamin Moore wallpaper stencil

Both the paint and the stencil were perfect choices for the project. Anna Sova paint covers very well and goes on evenly. Plus it smells amazing, doing a much better job of calming my frazzled, post-wallpaper scraping nerves then a gallon of VOCs. After painting our base coat of the lighter shade, we measured out the room for the stencil. We would spray the back of the stencil with some spray adhesive, stick it to the wall and go over it with a large stencil brush. We started with the larger areas first and cut the stencil down as we went to fit the borders and corners snugly. 

It was a lot of sore arms and too much math for my personal preference (measuring the stencil placement is where the engineer husband comes into play), but over a year later and I still smile every time I walk into the room! 

We replaced the vanity mirror with one we found at Home Depot. The sconces are simple Home Depot finds as well and hold fluorescent bulbs. 

One of my favorite additions to the room is the pair of hand cut silhouettes we had done on our honeymoon. I would love to have one done of Little Child one day to put below ours!

The larger mirror was a Craig's List find that I originally bought to resell. I love the shape of it across from the rectangular vanity mirror. 

Looking at these photos today reminds me of how much fun Markus and I working on projects like this. It is going to be a great weekend and I cannot wait to show the before and afters from the next bathroom renovation. If you thought the before shots of this room were bad, grab a stiff drink and guard your eyes for what I have for you soon. 

Curb Appeal

26 June 2012

As far as Mondays go, yesterday was le pits. (Quite literally - 104F in Dallas. Woof.)

Like most other online shopping addicts e-commerce enthusiasts, seeing a brown paper package tied up with, um, tape always brings some light to a rough day.

Speaking of light, here's a photo of my cheery new arrival.


The first doormat we bought when we moved into our house had finally worn through. Funny thing about the doormat market - they are either completely generic or completely overpriced. I was really lucky that while I was looking for a replacement, a sale for quirky doormats popped up on my account. With shipping our new addition to the front porch was $25. This is the second time I've ordered off of Fab and each experience has left me pleased as punch.

Of course the entrance to my hippie home features a doormat made from coconut husk and hand stenciled with eco-friendly dyes. Love it.

I think it goes great with my whale doorknocker from We Are 1976 and a leftover topiary from Sistah's wedding centerpieces.


Also in the mix is a tulip chair gliding bench that I bought at Lowe's last year and its buddy that was a birthday present from my best friend. Is there any better birthday gift than a vintage tulip chair rocker from Canton?

To counteract any warm and welcoming feel our patio may provide is our glaring no soliciting sign, since Markus will not have that shit.

See friendly no soliciting sign bottom left.
Add some street numbers so the UPS man can easily know where to place my online shopping packages and you've got yourself front porch. I love sitting out here after walks with Markus and Little Child and pulling up to a bright and homey view makes me happy to be back after a day at work or running errands!

Is there a part of your house that never fails to make you smile?

What's a must for your front steps: perky doormat, plants, someplace to take a good sit?

Marathon Dating: Good Records, The Vintagemoile and Chihuly at theDallas Arboretum

15 June 2012

Going out during the week is so not one of my specialties. There's just too much awesome stuff going on in the summer to pass up a well-placed week night date night.

The trick is to keep momentum.We run home from work, change and are out the door for a fun time before we can think about the venus human trap that is our big red sofa.

There's so much fun stuff to do and see in Dallas that any trip outside the home can turn into a marathon date for us. I suppose the mentality is, "If we bothered to wear real clothes, we might as well make it worth our while."

Our marathon date last night brought us to three of my favorite places in Dallas!

Good Records Astroturf Concerts

As I prosed before on the blog, I love Good Records on Greenville Ave. They are an outstanding local business that fights the digital download age by being more than a record store. Besides their great vinyl and CD collection, they do awesome promotions and in store events. Last night was one of their concerts on the Astroturf, which featured Rhett Miller of the Old 97's. It was fun to stop in as we made our way over to Lakewood and do a little record store dancing to some of our favorite songs!

To keep track of Good Records' in store promotions, events and concerts, like them on Facebook!

The Vintagemobile

We were so lucky that the Vintagemobile was parked in the Good Records lot! I can't stay away from a vintage store and the Vintagemobile always has a varied and well curated selection for women, men and children.

My treasure was this gorgeous flamingo cameo. Does it not scream Lilly Pulitzer to you? She probably wore it as she designed prints and shifts at her home in Palm Beach. Now it is mine!

The Vintagemobile goes to where the party's at. You can track them down on their Facebook page!

Chihuly and Concerts at the Arboretum

The last stop on the tour de dating was the Dallas Arboretum for their concerts in the garden night and to see the Chihuly exhibit. I had been specifically holding out to see the gorgeous glass until we could go at night. When we saw the Tom Petty cover band, Petty Theft, on the concert calendar in June we knew it would be worth the wait!

Some photos that I took walking around on my phone:

These crystals in the brook were some of my favorites!

As well as these lotus flowers...

The Arbretum also has "artist houses" up right now, inspired by the work and homes of famous artists. This is the Picasso house. How cute would a children's photo session be in here and amongst all the Chihulys?!

Of course I loved the water lily installment, even though a few were smashed in the hailstorm the night before.

Petty Theft rocked their concert set! Most people play it pretty close to the vest during Petty Theft concerts. Not I. My heart beats to the songs of Tom Petty.

After the concert the Chilhulys were all a glow, confirming that it was worth it to postpone our trip to see them until we could be there in the evening!

What are your favorite places in Dallas to hit up on date night?

Do you like to take dates one event at a time or just pile it on while you're already out and about?

What's SUP, Dallas - Stand Up Paddleboarding on White Rock Lake and Bicycle Cafe

10 June 2012

Although it seems like we're never over there as much as we should be, Markus and I have a special love for White Rock Lake. We used to take Little Child to the dog park there when she was a small puppy and we had our wedding reception at Winfrey Point!

On our first anniversary we rented a canoe from White Rock Paddle Co. and took Little Child out to see where her parents celebrated their marriage. It was a great experience and I was so excited when White Rock Paddle Co started carrying rental equipment for the new water sport of choice (according to respected sources such as Us Weekly) - Stand Up Paddleboarding!

White Rock Paddle Co ran a Living Social voucher for Stand Up Paddleboards (called SUPs by the cool kids) and we've been working to find a spot in our schedule to go ever since we purchased one.

After reserving our SUPs online the day before our visit, we pulled up to the White Rock Paddle Co stand right before 7pm on Friday.

The guys helped us get our gear and provided a quick tutorial before launching us out on the lake. From there is was, well you know, smooth sailing!

White Rock Lake is the perfect spot for a first time paddleboarder. Since motor boats are not permitted on the lake it stays calm and it's easy to get a feel for the board and learn to turn around - or stand on your head while on the board if you are a total showoff my loving spouse. 

We paddled out to the middle of the lake and decided to link our boards together with our paddles and have a little conversation and meditation time. This is the Friday night happy hour scene I prefer!

After an hour of paddling around, I was ready for a hearty dinner! We packed up and drove over to Bicycle Cafe, a spot right off the White Rock trail.

I ordered a fresh squeezed spinach, carrot and celery juice and their famous quinoa bowl. The quinoa bowl is a big helping of the protein seed along with tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, onion and your choice of protein topping. I had mine with tilapia and Markus got the tofu.

Markus loved his bowl and mine was great as well! We both added some sriracha sauce which made me feel like it would be even better if served with a sauce. We both cleared our bowls without anything left over!

The best part of Bicycle Cafe was seeing all the cyclists and runners come in for a meal or cup of coffee. The place has a great feel. I loved the "taxidermy" handlebar decor!

Have you tried Stand Up Paddleboarding before?

What is your favorite water sport?

Do you crave a certain food after some quality lake time?

Henderson Hot Spots: The Parking Lot and We Are 1976

08 June 2012

My sister and I are 18 months apart and went to the same schools through the end of high school. She's so close with her friends and vice versa that it's sometimes like having one big group of sisters/family. Shannon is defintiely one of these sister friends. We both live in Dallas and have a great relationship as part of "the group" and singuarly as well. She's worked at one of the best local restuarants for years so we love meeting up a good foodie adventure instead of your basic happy hour. We made some time to get together last night and it was good times and good food as always!

Our destination was lower Henderson. I am working on renovating my bathroom over the next month and was in need of a good print for one of the walls. When I think fun, affordable art in Dallas, We Are 1976 immediately comes to mind. They have a great collection of home goods, notecards, jewelry and, their specialty, signed and numbered prints.

After a few laps around the store it was down to these final three:

Having all of my decor items picked out for the space has been a big motivator to get this daunting project begun and finished. I can't wait to show you which of these unique prints I took home with me when I do the bathroom unveil in (hopefully) a few weeks!

While we were at the shop they were setting up for a screen printing class. It looked awesome! The owner let us know that We Are 1976 is expanding to set up a workshop in the Bishop Art's District that will be able to offer even more classes and special events while also selling their signature wares. Their next screen printing class should be sometime in late July and I think I will have to be in attendance! Learn more about their workshops online on their website.

After getting our snooty art collector on, we walked over to Sunflower Farmer's Market for The Parking Lot - a gathering of some of Dallas' top local food trucks that they host on the occassional Thursday night.

I was so excited to go and celebrate my favorite gluten-free, vegetarian restaurant (with or without wheels) getting its City of Dallas food permit! Hoorayyy for many more wonderful nights of alfresco gluten-free dining thanks to the wonderful gals at Good Karma Kitchen.

I had Good Karma's fresh made raspberry lemonade, the spicy asian tacos and the chocolate dream for dessert. The spicy asian tacos were delicious - a lot of the same awesome flavors that they featured on their spicy asian flatbread when they were over at the Fort Worth Food Truck Park. It came with 3-4 tacos (hard to remember in my blissful foodie black-out) and was a great balance of flavors as well as filling! Shannon got food from another truck but also ordered a raspberry lemonade and agreed it was one of the best she's ever tasted. The chocolate dream is exactly as its named - a perfectly sized chuck of chocolate ganache cake. The words moist and rich have never blended together in my mind so perfectly as they do when I think about this incredible dessert!

To keep up with the Good Karma Kitchen girls, follow them on Twitter or Facebook. The Parking Spot is on sporadic Thursday nights, but you can stay in the loop on all the latest food truck stops by checking the calendar on DFW Food Truck Foodie. 

What are some of your favorite Happy Hour activities?

Do you have a favorite food truck or restaurant that you can't wait to see again between visits?

Happy weekend from Pancakes and Beet Juice!

Deliciously Denton: Beth Marie's Ice Cream and Recycled Books

06 June 2012

After borrowing a bike for the MS 150 87 ride last month, Markus began cruising our beloved suppplier of all things awesome, Craig's List, for a bicycle of his very own. He finally found one that matched his measurements and budget last weekend so we ventured up to Denton to make the trade.

I had been to Denton for a few short trips before to pick up friends from North Texas, but never for a good walking around session. From poking around the interwebs I had heard of a few spots that I wanted to check out if we ever made it so far north of 635 that I couldn't compain about being north of 635. All of my stops were in corners of Denton's adorably hip town square.

Our first stop was Beth Marie's ice cream shop. I could not get over that every single flavor in this shop (and there are a myriad) are made exclusively for Beth Marie's at her ice cream factory (I am imagining something of Wonka-style proportions but colder where everyone has to wear parkas). Thank God I do not live in Denton. I imagine I would pour any life frustrations into my ice cream bowl each afternoon and my friends would have to sponge bathe me and roll me down the hill to class.

I got the Salty Dog, a salted caramel flavor, plus a scoop of chocolate with mallow and hot fudge on top. The inside of the shop is like being in another time, with perfect parlor chairs and a soda fountain that still serves hand-mixed sodas.

Our other stop on the square was to Recycled, the used book and music store in Denton. The chalkboard greeting by the front door told me I was in to meet at least a few fellow bibliophiles inside.

The selection and organization of the books was well done. I find walking amongst rows of this rythym to be completely entrancing...

The music selection also left little to be desired and featured a great range of artists, including a display of local Denton favorites.

A day trip is always made even better by bringing home a few souveniors. Recycled gives out free bumber stickers which we happily took with us for our delightfully tacky refigerator.

And of course Markus finally got his fixie fix! I think he is the spitting image of Steve Carrell in 40-Year-Old-Virgin in this photo, Batman t-shirt and all! 

Markus gave me a copy of a Texas map to keep track of all of our adventures. I was so excited to finally push the Denton pin firmly into place!

Our footprint is spreading!

Are you a day tripper?

What do you want to explore first on a trip: the food, the finds or the attractions?
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