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Weekend Wrap Up: Scots and Sparkles

21 January 2013

Two fun things from this weekend that I had to share:

Burns Night

Burns Night or Burns Supper is a night where Scottish lads and lassies from all over the world get together and have a night to honor Scotland and Robert Burns, one of our most treasured poets. Markus and I joined my mom and some family friends for the Dallas event at the Scottish Rite Ballroom downtown. I'm sure Kate and Pippa were having their night over in Wales. I finally bought Pippa's book this weekend and was excited to see her section on Burns Night. 

I'm sure the haggis is really good for Kate's wee bern. Anything that tastes that revolting is likely pretty good for you. I for one definitely felt the strength from my haggis. Haggis is a "pudding" of sheep stomach and liver. It is at every Burns night, brought in by bagpipers, and given a presentation and address before being served. Here are the jolly men in Dallas addressing our haggis:

This what haggis looks like. Pippa serves her on bruschetta apparently. 

There is a long and merry agenda for the evening, with lots of toasts. The whole room reeked of scotch by the time we left! I was dying to learn highland dancing after we went to Scotland as a family and I loved the little girls who came and danced for us. 

Here I am exposing Markus to my culture and trying to do my best Kate Middleton impression:

DZINE Exhibit at Dallas Contemporary

Saturday night we went to see the new DZINE exhibit at Dallas Contemporary. I love this museum (they hired this fresh faced, spunky kid as an intern right out of college), and lately I hadn't connected personally with their last few exhibits because they were tres tres fabulous and lots of nudity. This show completely knocked by socks off. I am super sad that I do not have a little tween daughter to bring here to show that art can be glitter in a very cool way (just not in my house, ever). 

I have about a thousand pictures on my phone of Markus in this exact stance looking at a piece of art. I find it so endearing. 

I loved this one. I reminds me of the mandalas the Tibetan monks will come in and create at the Crow Collection of Asian Art - only with GLITTER!!

Close up shot aka new iphone wallpaper FOR THE WIN!

The opening party was so fun! Loved the very talented mariachi band. 

Besides the canvas works there are also low rider cars, making the exhibit perfect for little boys as well. And Markus. 

Found my new wheels...

Dallas Contemporary is always free to the public!  If you love this work like I do, there is a big party, Phenomenon, with the artist on February 9. We won't be there this year due to poor scheduling, but went to Phenomenon with Shepard Fairey last year and it was unforgettable! 

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  1. What a fun weekend! While you were burning the midnight oil on the town, I was playing edge-of-your seat games of Jenga with my kiddos! Ha! :)

    Your haggis description makes me think that every culture has it's revolting tasting food that becomes a badge of honor. I'm Norwegian and Swedish and for us Scandinavians the food is "Lutefisk." All the good Lutheran churches in Minnesota have annual Lutefisk dinners. Lutefisk is some kind of god-awful fish that no one would otherwise eat and is soaked in lye (to make it edible, I suppose?). Isn't lye a poison? Anyway... good times!

    Thanks for the fun post!


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