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17 January 2013

La Casa de Crunchy. The Hippie Hideaway. Funky Little Shack.

Whatever you call it, there are few places I love more than our place. It is a little wild and colorful, but everything here just makes sense (to us) and is our little technicolor haven. I am so grateful that the exceptionally talented Alexanda Minton Photography (the same beauty who took the photos of my kitchen before and after) came by recently and took some pictures of our place!

Beginning at the beginning, I love our front door with the whale knocker from We Are 1976. I really love doors painted wild colors, and my first thought when we moved here was to paint it bright orange, but I actually think the gray is a good anchor for my primary color based front porch. And it kind of makes the whale look like he's in a dark sea, waiting to get picked up by Ishmael.

I know. I painted my house purple. When we moved in everyone was painting their walls gray and I loved the way color popped off of a darker, ashy color but I couldn't do it. This paint color is called Lilly's Cloud and is from Anna Sova paint, which is made entirely from food-based materials. It covers really well and smells amazing (like a vanilla milkshake) when you're using it - not usually the case with even the most environmentally conservative paints from the hardware store!

When I first moved to Dallas I wanted art for my apartment, but had no money because I spent the little disposable income I had on tickets to Old 97's shows and other soul expanding music experiences. But the posters from the shows were free and it only took me about a month and a half to save money for a frame. My gig poster wall of fame began to grow! The larger prints along the bottom and the collage on the top row are from Dirk Fowler, a screen printing professor from my alma mater Texas Tech who does posters for everyone from Wilco to Loretta Lynn. I purchased the top one at school as a fundraiser and the bottom two from his online store to rep my college radio station gig and one of my favorite Dallas bands, the King Bucks. (I am a total Ticket radio P1 and love Danny Balis, who also plays bass for the King Bucks.)

The red sofa is almost 10 years old and has slept everyone dear to me in my life. The pillow cases are from CB2 and the side tables (and matching coffee table) are thrifted from The Family Place resale shop. If you are in Dallas, they get awesome stuff and is small enough where you can pop in and out quickly before the thirft store smell gets on you.

I ate saltine crackers and peanut butter for a week to buy this china hutch in college from the Disabled Veteran's thirft in Lubbock. I had no idea how popular bamboo everything would get, I just knew that I loved it and $125 was almost an entire paycheck from my job at Domino's pizza so it better be worth it. Totally was.

The urns were sold at cookie jars (WTH?) at Those Iowa Girls in Lubbock and the milk glass and framed asian piece are also thrifted. My sister gave us that sandwich tray from our place setting as a wedding gift and I love keeping it out to think of her when I walk by. The beverage cart is from and I thought this design added a little midcentury to all of the chinoiserie going on in this area. The drapery hardware is from Antique Drapery Rod Co. and made out of 100% recycled aluminum cans. I think that is so cool!

It's a German custom to get your wife an anniversary bouquet, so Markus bought me the wooden tulips when we were on a layover in the Amsterdam airport on our first anniversary. I held them as I threw up from airsickness on the plane a few hours later. We've had better anniversaries since then.

When we first moved in this was just a blank wall, and we had boxes of books with no place to be unpacked. We hired a carpenter to make these built-ins for us and they are a dream. The objects across the top are planters from Ikea, and I usually pull them down and make centerpieces in them for different parties. The otomi inspred fabric for the valance is from

The dining room table and white cane back chairs are from Gypsy Soul Interiors who also sells at Scout Interiors. I find her things to be the most consistent as far as unique, good quality and affordable prices. The table was on super sale (aka my price range) because it needed to be refinished, so I just sanded it and treated it with a natural mineral oil, Velvit Oil, that matched the stain on the legs. I like how it is matte and almost farm house looking but with the random bamboo details.

I think I read somewhere, "No bookshelf is complete without a few stray vintage cameras and the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes."

I won a $600 gift certificate to Nest at a charity event when I was right out of college. I bought the Jonathan Adler whale in my kitchen and the horse below with my exciting shopping spree. By a total random coincidence, Mr. Adler was doing an in store appearance the day after I decided to use my prize, so I came back and they are both signed by him. After I brought him home, I would eat my same dinner of Costco spaghetti and sauce every night at my little apartment and dream big dreams for my horse and me. He's coming with me everywhere until the end.

The photos here are Markus' grandparents wedding photos and my favorite family photo of us. I love this fan gifted to me by a very special friend. The bone is from Markus' family's farm in Palestine and the turtle was a Christmas gift from Markus that sits in memorial of my pet turtle from college, Walter.

Since the reading nook was custom built to the size of our window, I couldn't buy a standard cushion but had one ordered for relatively cheap from Cushion Source in this bright Sunbrella fabric. The blue pillows are made from t-shirts from events and concerts in Dallas. My jazz man is from Homegoods. 

So you know your style is a little eclectic when white is your accent color. But I just kept going with what I loved, hoping it would all blend, and it just kept getting brighter and brighter! Kind of like my life with my two buds: Markus and Little Child. 

If you have any questions about anything you see or where I found something, just send me an email or leave a comment with yours! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love how you mix Jonathan Adler in with all the vintage and thrift store pieces! The built-ins are amazing, but mostly I am still lusting over the bamboo china hutch. Glad you love the tray!

  2. Great pictures! I love your home; it's brimming with personality! And I love all of your animals everywhere; I'm a huge fan of animal touches in homes. Such a fun home! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    1. Oh! And I own those gold pig bookends, too! Aren't they so fun?! Mine is named Wilbur. xoxo

  3. Miss Lilly, I have gone through your post twice and sent your link to my girls. OMG what an adorable home you have. Not only does it look fabulous, I love all the sentiment attached to so many features. I love how you keep the plate given to you by your sister out so it always reminds you of her. Love all your books. It is perfectly charming. Have a great weekend.

  4. You have so much fun and personality around you, it's no wonder you're so fabulous!! I particularly love the whale knocker, the horse, pig bookends (that miss K also has and I have always coveted), the vintage cameras (I do that, too! Mine were my dad's), and I love, love that you have "I Married Adventure," I've been looking for that forever for my house!

  5. LOVE your house! It's so fun and full of character!

  6. love everything. way too many things to list. what a fun place to live that's full of memories!

  7. Your room is looking big but full of furniture and looking very congested. Well... your red sofa i like the most and looking very comfortable. I love it.

  8. I love it! Like I mentioned at Blissdom - what I love is that it's artsy and unique but also looks REAL, not totally fake and staged.

  9. Lots of love went into this house. It's beautiful Lilly!

  10. Funny story about your thrifted China hutch... It's actually part of a bedroom set! The same set (comeplete with bed, desk, dresser, etc) was my mom's growing up and now it's in my sister's room. It's gorgeous!

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