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Home Tour: Bed and Bath

22 January 2013

Thank you so much for all of your kind words about our living and dining room area photos from Alexandra Minton Photography that I posted last week! It's been so fun to try to bring a home together with random finds, I don't think I would be very good at decorating if I had a real budget at this point.

I thought I would show you the bedrooms and bathrooms so you have the full lay of the land! We have three bedrooms, so when we first moved in Markus and I decided we had our sleep room and then we each got a room. Empty rooms and offices would call out to us to be filled with a little person hell bent on ruining our sleep, so we figured we better designate each area so family additions meant someone was losing their space (Markus!!).

I turned my room into a closet, and it's been awesome to know that I can throw my clothes all around and jsut shut the door without getting the stink eye from anyone that I am cluttering our sleep area. Not that I ever, ever do that...

Markus built me this wardrobe rack out of pipes and it is tough. I've never had a store bought wardrobe rack make it through me actually putting clothing on it. I keep any clothes on here that I can wear to work, so they're all in one place and I can get ready in the mornings really quickly and not waste work appropraite clothes on the weekend.

When I didn't have any art in college I would buy magazines from the book store with my college meal card (sorry, Mom) and clip images I love and make collages. Those are the frames on the left.

I do have a guest bed, though when my girlfriends sleep over we usually take up my bed and send Markus to the living room sofa.

P.S. Installing the trim in these rooms was one of my least favorite projects. Maybe because it was so tedious? Yeck.

My weekend clothes, intimates and outrageous pajama collection are in these dressers that I found in old garages or abanadoned on the side of the road. I am really anxious to fix the green dresser and get it lacquered super shiny. The middle vanity is spray painted and could use a good lacquering too.

Single dude who owned the house before us had done us a huge favor and installed blue carpet in all of these bedrooms. Our first project here was ripping it all out and sealing the floors with Velvit Oil. What the hell, singlt dude, what. the. hell...

The framed picture about the green vanity is of my mom where her friends photoshopped her as the queen for her birthday this year. Fitting as I call her Queen Mother.

Our bedroom is an attempt to mix Markus' zen taste with my Southern overload goodness...

My mom got this big lot of blue and white goodies that included the comforter and pillow cases and some tablecloths, which are my window treatments for now.

We had these first grade photos of us at our wedding at Winfrey Point. Danny Hurley, our photographer, did the awesome design treatment on them and I loved them so much I mounted them on foam board and they are hanging in our bedroom now! Very difficult to argue with your spouse when you have a constant reminder of what a cute little bitty he was.

My friend's mom put our wedding invitation in stained glass as a gift and I love it.

Bonus shot of Little Child, in case you are getting sick of photos of our house...

I got this painting at a shop in Slaton, Texas (cotton farming town outside of Lubbock) that is your common antiques shop/sausage house combo job. It was $6 and just always works perfectly somewhere. The lamp is from a good family friend and I got the new shade for it from Arteriors Too. Ten days after we closed on our house and about as many before Christmas, I lost my little non-profit job. Valentine's Day was right before I started my new one and we definitely needed me to start my new job, so I said no gifts. Markus bought two chocolate bars from one of my favorite stores, Henri Bendel, and had them wrap them in gift boxes with big bows. I love them on my nightside table and they remind me even if you're on a budget you don't have to skimp on the fabulous.

Love these more professional shots of our navy and beadboard bathroom makeover from Alexandra Minton Photography!

I needed a match strike for my bathroom candles, and I went shopping for one the day that MCA. from the Beastie Boys died, so I landed on this boombox one from Jonathan Adler to pay my tribute. The Beastie Boys are a regular on our weekend playlists.

Also some great new shots of the hall bathroom, that we updated with wallpaper stenciling a few Christmases ago.

The silhouette cut outs are from our honeymoon to Disney World and the poodles are from one of my favorite shops in Dallas, Dolly Python.

Markus' room is his crazy man cave, complete with ukelele lounging area:

He made his standing desk from the leftover oak from our butcherblock kitchen counter project. The bike hanger is from an old set of handles. I should have him show us how to do crafty things like that with a guest post, no?

Thanks so much for stopping by! As one of my favorite American families would say, Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Make sure to "like" Alexandra Minton Photography to see more of her great work on weddings, portraits and other fun projects!


  1. What a great house, Lilly. Love all your sentimental touches. My very favorite is your 1st grade pics. Positively precious!!!

  2. I love the light fixture in your closet room - and also wish I had a closet room! Also love the painting by your bed, and of course the bonus photo of little child : )

  3. Cute, cute, cute!! I love your closet , the pink and yellow with the black and white rug is awesome! I love the rack made from pipes, too! Those store-bought clothes racks are a joke!
    Your navy and white bathroom speaks to my nautical-loving heart!
    I love the idea of you each getting a room, too! Someday I'm going to copy that! :)

  4. BTW, love Little Child!! I told my sisters that I knew a girl whose dog was named Little Child and they both think you're entirely fabulous and want to be friends with you! :)

  5. We have three bedrooms, too, and we each claimed one as our personal cave/office/closet. Dude, it's the first time I've ever had a clean bedroom - and also, like you mentioned, the ability to just get messy with your clothes and not have anyone else care is priceless :)

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