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Using My Voice and an Exciting New Project with Noonday Collection!

30 January 2013

So, first of all, I feel another thank you coming on. I know I do this randomly, but I want to say thank you to everyone that reads, who has proved to me that internet friends are the coolest and who have shared their stories and days with me through your blogs that inspired me to start my own and continue to bring joy and insight to my life every day. My special talent is ruining a good vibe but needing to continuously discuss it's awesomeness instead of just letting it go, and I'm glad that blogging is no exception to this (If you need proof I wrote Markus and three paragraph email today thanking him for lunch at Chipotle. Apparently I set my expectations low and am super pleased when the nice things happen. You all are in my nice things bucket, right next to Chipotle). 

So it is of no surprise to you blog writers and readers that after a while, a wide-eyed author of Internet drivel might begin to be approached by companies wanting to use my corner of the Internet for different promotions. I've done a few in the past that seemed to blend in well and were harmless enough, but I've been downright weird about anything long term that might ever make me feel like I wasn't writing about things I like to write about - those things being my family, good food, fun things to do and businesses that are dedicated to making the world a better place. That last check box is what turned the tables and had me approaching a small, woman owned business for partnership opportunities. I am very excited to begin working more with Noonday Collection (a company I blogged about as just your average fangirl here and here)!

The truth is that every purchase I've made and gift I've received from Noonday has been so beautiful and inspiring to wear as I head off to work and life every day, that I realized before too long that I was ready to lend my corner of the Internet to something really cool. Noonday Collection is a online boutique filled with gorgeous jewelry, accessories and home items, and I am really thrilled to be a new ambassador member on their team!

Here are a few of the reasons why I personally have loved shopping with Noonday Collection and felt such a strong connection to their company that I wanted to get involved:
  • I love handmade items through global artisan collectives that support women working their way to opportunity and out of repression and poverty. It seems like these kind of shopping opportunities are usually one off or harder to find, but the Noonday Collection website and shopping events bring women artists from around the world to you. All the time! Love it.
  • Shopping here supports women around the world, from the artisans who make the  items to the small team here who brings it to you. Adopting families can host trunk shows to raise money for their adoption costs, which is a huge resource for our families with the tax credit and incentive changes we just saw in the fiscal cliff deal.
  • Noonday Collection has a commitment to the global orphan crisis and donates profits to orphan care and prevention ministries around the world. 
If you're on the web version of my blog you can see the new button that takes you to my ambassador page where I have some more information about Noonday Collection and why I find this company to be so inspiring:

Once you're on my ambassador page, you can start looking around at all of the gorgeous items! I love the artisan's story at the bottom of each item's page that tells you how each beautiful piece empowered a life before it came to live in your jewelry box:

Some of my favorite picks include these carved bone earrings that look like a pretty lace:

and this recycled paper bead necklace takes on a totally different level of sophistication in deep purple dye, am I right?

I love the styled images on the website and the trunk show opportunities to see everything in person. Without that I might not know what a statement this stacked arrows necklace is, and how it is the perfect length for layering and to wear with tunics and sweaters!

I will of course always keep blogging about the funny ups, downs and adventures of our daily life, but I am extremely excited to also begin throwing my voice behind a movement to encourage women to be stylish, creative and fulfilled around the globe! Thank you again (I know, here I go...) for your support, and if you have any questions about Noonday Collection or want to get involved by having a trunk show with your friends, just let me know!


  1. Sweet Lilly!!! Congrats! So excited for you! Will definitely look at the website. Very pretty things. Noonday Collection knows a good thing when they see one. Will you be working full time for them? #2 is coming home in Feb. and we will have to get together.

    1. Thank you! Just another fun project to pursue on top of the real job. I'm really excited to share all the fun finds on there and can't wait to meet you and your girls!

  2. Congrats! This is my FAVORITE store. I am friends with Jessica H, the founder and my husband consults with them. We even spoke at the ambassadors gathering last summer. Myles was the first Noonday baby that made it home! So glad you are apart of this fabulous team of people! P.S. You really need to move to Austin! ;)


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