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Photo Diary: Tales of a Punk Rock Weekend

14 January 2013

This weekend was so awesome that I found myself envious of the millions of people homebound with the flu this morning. Terrible, right? Anything to give me one more day at home with my buds. Since it was an exceptionally fun weekend of punk rock nothingness, I thought it best to catch you all up in case you are not getting the play by plays on Twitter or Instagram.

Friday Night

We did the dinner time lockout: neither person could decide a place to eat that suited both people so you drive around starving in gridlock until you find something both people barely like. Does this happen at your house? I'll eat anywhere as long as it's not somewhere Markus wants to eat sometimes. Basically if I had a rough work week by Friday I am a walking episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

After dinner we went by my Mom's house. She is convinced that Jesus has appeared to her in her mantleplace tile. What do you think? There is, of course, special significance that his manifestation is near the coastline of her painting.


Trying to stay on top of our New Year's Resolution, we cleaned our house and took down the Christmas decor. Hanging my Tracy Reese plates from the Target/Neiman Marcus collection brought some merry and bright back to the house after I got depressed packing up our technicolor Christmas mess. I love how the print matches the shape of the frame above my bedside table. I have a few house tour posts in the works (the most planning I've ever done for a blog post, ever ever ever!) and can't wait to hear what you think about the rest of the house now that I feel like I've filled all the appropriate nooks and crannies. Decorating and furnishing a house shouldn't be that difficult to achieve in 1100 sq ft but I took my sweet time nonetheless.

Skateboard Sunday

So here is where you are thinking, "These are the best weekends ever for you? Finding Jesus in your mom's tile and hanging plates?" My answer is A. yes and B. it gets even better.

Markus had a dream skateboard when he was punk rock in high school (two words: green mohawk). The skateboard powers to be reissued the deck for it recently and for Christmas he got to build his high school fantasy skateboard. We used to run Little Child next to his bike for exercise, and even though we kept her on such a short leash that it was impossible, we were always a terrified of her running into the wheel (I've heard this is what parenting is like, being worried that nearly impossible things will happen to your child a million times a day.) At first she didn't like the noise the skateboard made but now she loves it! And the neighborhood continues to think that we are certifiable, for which we have no argument.

Markus would like it to be stated that he now has a cool skateboard helmet and does not need to wear this cycling helmet anymore, which is apparently a major punk rock style faux pas. So y'all don't call the skateboard Fashion Police on us.

When all of the Target/Neiman Marcus goodies went on super clearance, the Derek Lam skateboard became quite the steal at $30 and Markus convinced me that I could totally go punk rock.

I had LC break in my board for me..

After my first lesson yesterday, I am already pretty hooked. I'm good enough where I think I can get a groove soon and it is a crazy workout! I was spent after just a short while in the local school parking lot. Lots of stabilizing muscles at work. No wonder you don't see many overwieght punk rockers. I will, of course, let you know the moment I get sponsored and head off on the Warped Tour.

By the way if you like my coat it is on sale for 70% off at, along with two other prints. No affiliation at all, I just love this coat (feels like wearing a blanket and I got conpliments on it every day that I was in New York) and a good sale!


Maybe the Golden Globe speeches got to me last night, but I would just like to thank every one who has been so supportive following along with me on the blog from the beginning and all of you who recently found this oddball piece of the Internet and have written me saying that you've enjoyed reading. I can't believe such awesome people read my blog. I don't know how to appropriately get back in touch with everyone if you don't have a blog or email address I can write back to, but my email is under "Contact Me" and I would love to get in touch, especially if you've written me that you are new in Dallas and came here looking for things to do in town!

If you are the woman who added me on Facebook this weekend and your cover photo is your family in front of maybe the Wyly Theatre downtown, (wife, husband and precious little girl) I think you are the cutest person ever. Totally shouldn't have gone there with that last one but it's been on my mind and hopefully is an accidentally stalkerish example of how much it means to me when someone reading reaches out. I promise I will not Catfish you.

Just the typical crazy times of a 27 year old in the city, right? What were you up to this weekend?


  1. You are so cute!!

    * That totally looks like Jesus!
    * I love the Tracy plates hung as art! I've been using mine to eat off of, and they make me happy every time I eat {that happiness could be attributed to the food, too}!
    * I can't wait to see your house tour!
    * I'm IN LOVE with your coat! SO SO SO CUTE!

    Fun weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. Although I don't have the plates. I did buy the Tory thermos, though...


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