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GapFit and the PilatesBarre

29 January 2013

How was everyone's weekend?! Markus and I went down to Austin on Friday for some projects and time with Sistah and her happy husband. We stayed at their place and bunked up and unplugged. After lots of Austin eats, including returns to Austin food favorites Magnolia Cafe and Polvo's, I was really to sweat it out this week and boy did I get one in this morning at the Pilates Barre.

The Gap has a new line of athletic gear out called GapFit and introduced it to Dallas gals in a special way by offering free classes at PilatesBarre today and tomorrow. The GapFit team is there to fit you for a new pair of their performance pants and you wear them for your workout. If you love them, they're free! I'll be honest, it's pretty hard for me to not love anything that is free. But these pants and I are going to have a very special relationship...

I selected the gfast legging capris and we are in love. The seams are supposed to be visually slimming and I felt "tucked in" by the nylon/spandex mix that hugged and smoothed my every booty curve without being at all restricting. They are definitely my new favorite work out pants.

I recently switched from working out almost 100% at home in my living room to becoming a member at Flywheel, so I am wearing my work out clothes in public a lot more and beginning to wonder if the extremely chic and sleek ensems the other girls are sporting to class might enhance performance more than my paint splattered Marshall's finds and random Muppet t-shirts. At the PilatesBarre in my new pants today, I felt like a pilates celeb and worked like one too! I also felt like (had I not been going to work) I could have run a few errands after class in these flattering pants, whereas currently when the lights come up in spin I'm running for the front door and headed straight home. After thinking that top notch and fashionable performance gear was very much out of my price range (and maybe also posting crazy rants on Twitter and Facebook a few times), I am very excited about GapFit and feel like I can finally treat myself to some more aesthetic and high tech work out clothes and even put items on a birthday wish list without being completely ashamed of their price point.

For reference, the GapFit gfast long leggings are $54.95 while Lululemon wonder unders merit a lengthy phone call from my mother asking me what in the hell I might be thinking asking for what are surely gold-lined athletic pants at $82-92.00.

Don't I look like some sort of professional in these?

Speaking of professional, Ryan at the PilatesBarre is where it is at and had me shaking just a few seconds in to our class. I first started working out in high school with mat pilates (not an organized sports girl growing up - like, no) and thought I had seen it all until climbing on a reformer for the first time today.

You know when you look at a tall, beautfully sculpted person and determine it's likely genetics? It's not. It is this unique torture device, and I think I am hooked for life...

We had a very robust arm, back, core and leg workout in just an hour using these contraptions in ways I could have never imagined. Ryan was super encouraging and gave great modifications and adjustments so I feel like I got a very full experience even though it was my first class (and by feel I mean I can feel it right now already...time to soak it up tonight). The energy was great and the hour flew by! I think PilatesBarre is a great addition to the cardio I'm getting in at Flywheel. I've already recommended it today to a few of the girls in my office getting married. This is a place that gets you tight and toned - fast! Besides the reformer class they have some barre bootcamp classes that look really fun.

GapFit and PilatesBarre were such a great way to kick off the morning! The pants and class were free and neither expected or asked me to write about my experience, but when they're both this good, you gotta share!

What about you, do you have an athletic gear company that you love? 


  1. You look positively adorable Lilly in your new workout gear . Glad you had a great weekend w Sistah!

  2. Come see us again soon! Your GapFit pants look awesome!! XOXO ThePilatesBarre

  3. lol! u r 2 funny! Thanks for the sweet write-up. Come back & c me when ur body stops shaking!

  4. I think you may have been on the reformer next to me this morning...? So: hey, girl, hey! A few things: I also went with the capris and I did NOT want to take them off! They made my tree trunks look svelte. They are also pretty substantial, which is key when your hiney is in the air for 60 minutes and you're surrounded by mirrors. Trust me...I've worn some thin pants in there and all I could think the entire class was, "wow, you can see my ladybits in the mirror." Second, I've been wanting to try Flywheel and your review has me sold. My husband and I cycle and I'm always looking for ways to "encourage" him to work out with me. Ahem. Third, it turns out red wine is a great recovery drink. By "recovery drink" I mean it makes you forget the pain. Maybe I'll see you in class again soon!

    1. Hi, Ashley! It was so fun working out next to you, I'm sure you caught me glancing over since I could tell you knew what you were doing! Would love to come back to PilatesBarre again soon and I hope you love Flywheel as much as I do!

  5. Good job, L! You are a work out and trying -new-things inspiration! You look super cute! :)



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