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Get Hip to Help the World: The Warby Parker Class Trip

16 January 2013

Beyond the glorious nothing that we took in last weekend, Markus and I ventured out on Saturday for a really fun and exciting night for Dallas. The glasses company with a one-for-one business model (meaning every time you buy glasses, a pair is donated to someone in need) Warby Parker is in town for the Warby Parker Class Trip, where they have renovated a classic school bus and turned it into a personable and fun glasses outfitters on wheels.

On Saturday the Warby Parker group team with House of Plates to throw a welcome party at The Olde Bike Shop. There were so many fun details of this night that made it a really fun event that was made even more special by knowing that the host company believes in giving back to a noble cause.

After using the same hanging lights to bring an evening feel to a similarly open and casual space at my Winfrey Point wedding, I had a special love for the lighting at the party. Who knew a motorcycle shop could become so intimate and glamorous with a touch of good lighting?

The invitation encouraged "varsity, leather and motorcycle style jackets" for the attire, and I was more than happy to accomodate with my Salone Peterson jacket from my trip to the Chicago Art Institute when Markus, our friend and I dressed as the gang from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I knew this purchase would continue to come in handy!

Apologies for the background mess. Saturday is laundry day at mi casa.
The motorcycles around the building were so cool. I won't pretend to know anything about bikes but there were some really wild low riders that caught my eye.

All of the food and drinks were by the Oak Cliff favorite, Bolsa, and I loved the presentation. Simple white candles, driftwood and succulents planted in paint and beer cans were too cool for school. The plants would be awesome for a cookout or a husband's birthday party!

They also had free shoe shines so I got my boots shined up. The shoe shine told me my boots were hurtin' for a shine, and I politely explained that was because I kick a lot of ass in them. They look awesome now!

We are total event photobooth whores enthused participants. Not sure what happened at the end. I think I was trying to throw a last minute gang sign and failed to beat the flash.
The coolest part of the party, of course, was getting to see the bus! I have been really wanting a pair of perscription sunglasses so I don't have to wear my regular glasses in the car and squint (wrinkles!!), and it is so cool to have a company that offers a stylish solution that also gives to others in need!

Bring your perscription to the bus and after trying on your frames, you can order your pair in the back on their laptops. The price range on these is also awesome as far as glasses go. Glasses begin at $95 with frames and perscription. Non-perscription sunglasses start at $95 and perscription sunglasses at $150. Warby Parker accepts Flexible Spending Accounts as well.

After trying on a slew of sunnies, I have decided on the Everett. It's a classic shape and I love the tortoise shell. It has a great weight/chunk to it compared to a more flimy wayferer style. I think they are classic and yet so hip! Can't wait to get my pair.

As I was writing this post I just saw the D Shop Talk blog announce another partnership night this week between Warby Parker and the adorable boutique Milk and Honey tomorrow (Thursday) from 4-7pm. The bus is at 2323 Henderson through January 21 (Monday) and then will be at the Shops at Park Lane until it rolls out of town on January 27.


  1. Ahh! I love Warby Parker! I saw the bus over the weekend, too. Very cool company and awesome glasses. Love your choice of shades, too!

  2. What a fun nite. You guys looked so cute! Wish my girls were home - they love Milk and Honey.Loved your photo booth shots.

  3. I'm wearing my Warby Parker glasses right now! : )

    When I saw the email invite I thought for sure that you'd go to this event! It looks like it was so much fun! I love your sunglasses pick, and you look so adorable in your Sloane jacket!



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