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A Day of Elation

04 February 2013

So many things to be happy about today.

Beyonce is a real human and member of this world, y'all. I cannot believe it. God is so good.

I started crying watching the show just thinking of how proud Jay was for her in those moments and how she is the most badass mom ever. New life goal: one day accomplish something so fierce that Markus feels the pride for me that I know Jay was feelin for B last night. May or may not be my own Superbowl halftime show. Details are irrelevant.

They are my American dream couple. And I love that he did not join her in the show because you know as a strong couple you both have your own things and last night was for the GIRLS. They did not do one of my favorite Beyonce songs (Diva) so I did my own work halftime show on the drive to get lunch today.

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 Now the tour dates are announced and the Dallas show is the weekend of my birthday...I must decide if I should give up our cabin rental in Palo Duro Canyon for the fierceness or if nature is calling me to be my own alter ego...tough call!

Another reason why today is one for celebrating - today is Sistah's birthday! I can't believe the baby is 26 years old today. Katie at Preppy Empty Nester has her girls write letters to each other on their birthdays which inspired me to write this open letter to my Sistah, set to one of her favorite songs:

As I'm sure you've come to know, my sister is one of my biggest joys in life. She is crazy smart, funny and happy go lucky. I love our dynamic. We're extremely close but over the past decade or so what I've come to love and cherish most is our independence and autonomy. We're an extension of each other while being individuals, and while I love listening to her and giving her advice as an older sibling, I'm always interested to see how she'll apply it to her life in her own way. I hope as an older sibling I can continue offering my experience as a gift without interfering with her choices. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and know this year she will continue to grow and do great things!

Happy Birthday to my Sistah!

What are you elated about today?


  1. It's my baby sistah's birthday too! So fun to have them. Mine is far away in Chicago :(

  2. It WAS an awesome show! If there was a Beyonce zumba class I might actually get off my hiney and do it!

    Happy birthday to your sister!

  3. That Beyonce haltime show was incredible. My sisters and I are HUGE fans and I got the call from one of them yesterday saying she was coming. I.AM.GOING. So excited!

  4. Lilly, what a sweet post. It made me get a little teary-eyed when I read what you wrote for your sister. As far as Beyonce goes.... I positively love her and "Put A Ring on it" is one of my favorite songs. Hugs and kisses is right, I would be 20 lbs thinner if there was a Beyonce zumba class.

  5. Love B and the Destiny's Child reunion made me giddy!

    Happy Birthday to your sister! xoxo

  6. Hey Lilly! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. Go check it out on my blog to find out more...
    BTW...Beyonce totally rocked!! :)


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