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Goodbye 30 Rock

01 February 2013

Last night my mom and I both rounded a corner in our opinions of women on TV. To my mom, that show about the woman who "puts no thought into her appearance, uses sarcasm and then wonders why she is single," written by "the lady who was mean to Sarah Palin" went to syndication land. A win for women and the American family! For me, my TV mentor woman who is not Bethanny Frankel (though B and I are at a distance right now with the Jason split) left me to do the next chapter of work/marriage/motherhood on my own.

I usually get rebellious about fitting into any cliche, but I've proudly been a cardholder to the stereotypical 20-30 something, brunette with glasses sarcastic girl who completely identifies with Liz Lemon club. We lost our leader and now we'll have to succumb to self-identifying with the likes of New Girl and The Mindy Project, which are great shows but, you know, it's kind of like trying to get all of your direction from Rhoda after Mary Tyler Moore went off the air. It's nice to see more funny girls on TV but on nights like this you remember they're there because Mary Tyler Moore wore pants and threw her hat in the air and Liz Lemon posed on a toilet with a rubber chicken and did commercials for phone dating with a snaggle tooth. I love New Girl (I often refer to it as my Homeland) but when half of this week's show was done in the leading star's bra I wonder what kind of walls we're really breaking through over there. I will always give crazy respect to Tina Fey for using her voice to bring legitimate feminist issues to the table while only showing her natural waist like maybe 15% of the series' run.

Last night's Thursday TV goodbye reminded me of one of the top five most traumatic events in my life, which is obviously the last episode of Seinfeld. I was 12 years old and stayed home from the St. Monica Athletic Awards (HUGE DEAL) to watch the clip reel NBC aired before the hour long finale. While gripping the commemorative magazine I bought from Tom Thumb the week before, I cried so hard I'm pretty sure I dehydrated myself and continue to question my parents for sending me to school the next day, other than the times that I thank them for sending me to school in an effort to teach me that the end of a television show is not the end of the world. But we all know almost 15 years later, that I was completely right and we will never have anything as good as Seinfeld on our televisions ever ever again. So, yes, to answer your question I do believe that I was a child savant prodigy.

Another good one goes to TV Heaven. Liz Lemon, I am pouring out some funky juice for you today. And blessing the good men at Ben & Jerry's for memorializing you with your own flavor*. I swear on my copy of Bossypants that I'm never buying Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack flavor again.

Have you ever struggled through a day after saying goodbye to one of your favorite shows?

What are your favorite TV comedies right now?

*Apologies in advance to my mom for including her, Sarah Palin and the Huffington Post in this entry in ways that I know will make her disappointed in me. I love you.


  1. Never met a series finale that didn't make me cry. 30 Rock was no different. Most notable: Seinfeld, Home Improvement (yep), and recently Fringe. Top prize for "Most Sob Inducing" is a tie between Monk and Scrubs. :( Goodbye Liz Lemon. Wherever you are now, I want to go to there.

  2. After the show ended I sort of had a little bit of a lost feeling. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself now that LL was out of my life. This may sound silly but I felt the same empty feeling at the end of Buffy. I wasn't satisfied with the ending, there were too many lose ends and Angel's spin off never filled the void.
    In my opinion 30 Rock is right up there with The Cosby Show, Cheers and Seinfeld. (Although The Cosby Show went on a little too long and verged on jumping the shark) I've never watched New Girl...I guess I need to give it a try.

  3. I love Liz Lemon too! Even tho I old enough to be her mother - or MUCH older sista. Didn't see the finale yet. The Mister and I are watching "Girls" - I know, you are thinking the same thing as my girls are...but I have to admit I think it's really good. So well written. "Awkward" has no time zones or boundaries. Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Lilly.

  4. I couldn't quite ever become addicted to 30 Rock - gasp!

    My husband and I are LOVING Parks & Rec and Happy Endings these days. Happy Endings has so many relevant pop culture references for our age group, and it always leaves us laughing out loud... which is honestly something I rarely do at TV shows.


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