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High School Wedding = Adult Prom (A Photo Diary)

27 February 2013

I've decided there are two ways you can approach a wedding where a majority of people you know from high school are attending: the "This is a great way to introduce people to the mature, collected person that I am today" approach or the "HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!" I can't really figure out where I stand on one of my dear high school friend's wedding last weekend. Probably a little bit of both.

Here's a collection of photos from my day and evening to prove that I am a fun gal.

Started the day doing chores so I could drag myself out of bed on Sunday to a clean house. Super points to me for thinking up this strategy! Took this picture to send to Sistah to prove that I still love the shirt she gave me as a gift for being in her wedding. My pictured Noonday Collection Embria Seed bracelet and some bright pink skinny jeans made for a snappy casual OOTD.

I had a Groupon to DryBar Northpark so I decided to pop in for a little me time. This is the photo I took in on my phone. I love how it is vintage while still being loose, not like the super retro styles that can be kind of stiff. The wedding was at The Magnolia Hotel, which has kind of a 1920's vibe so the old school glamour trend right now was perfect timing!

Here I am leaving Northpark after some progressive pampering (DryBar to Neiman Marcus makeup counters). You can tell by my activity that I've been looking around for a good red lipstick. I decided to go big with Tom Ford and they were kind enough to do the rest of my makeup while we chatted about A Simple Man and how good guys look with stubble and aviator glasses - typical Tom Ford counter speak. Things were getting very vintage and exciting at this point. My surprise favorite from TF was the eyebrow pencil.

This is the real deal shot of my dress, which I found at Bluefly. It is sold out right now but I am sharing becuase I think I will definitely keep this designer, under.ligne on my radar since this dress was so comfortable and I still have a hard time making myself wear black to a wedding, even if it is in the evening. This dress was seriously perfect and I'm glad that I decided to invest in something new to wear to the occassional dressy night! It is sooo comfy and I felt like I was wearing a toga.

Obviously the wedding was not about me, but I get really excited about going to any event where jeans are not allowed and I really start to embrace the idea of getting gussied up so I just went for it. It made the anticipation of a beautiful couple's wedding even more fun.

Here's my date, Legally Fabulous, and our driver, Markus, en route to the reception after a beautiful ceremony.

and here we are making our grand entrance as heterosexual life partners. Ladies in red lipstick for life.

Legally Fab brought her nice camera so hopefully she will post some reception pics once she is done having to deal with the Texas bar and people urinating in bags, but hopefully when she is on the other side of that she share her photos because the details of this wedding were amazing.

I loved the bridesmaid dresses (soooo elegant!), and I love my friend Lauren who was a beautiful bridesmaid!

Here's my friend Mary from Chicago who I thought looked amazing and very Zou Zou Bisou a la Mad Men in her swinging sixties shift.

Also my friend Brooke gave baby George a coming out party with her beautiful bump! Our first baby of our high school friends and I am super happy for her and her husband! Doesn't she look amazing?

You may be wondering how I obtained all of these fun photos. Chauffeur Markus arrived at the wedding and quickly became papparazzi Markus. Thankfully my girl Mary returned the favor and took this one of us so I could remember who drove me home.I super BIG PUFFY HEART this photo..

Call Now and Then, The First Wives Club et all and tell them our official "high school gals forever" photo beats theirs out by a mile. Most gorgeous bride!

Thank you Velvet Taco for the second dinner (gluten free options after 1:00am - I love you long time) and sorry for over managing the production of my order.

And here is how I spent most of my Sunday as friends went back to their new home towns and the beautiful bride and groom left for the Bahamas...

What were you up to this weekend?

Any fun weddings in your future?


  1. Lilly, you looked positively gorgeous. Loved your hair and the red lipstick looked great. You looked better in the dress than the model. You should get that pic of you and your man framed - it made me smile! You both looked great.

  2. Your makeup looked gorgeous. Very retro glam Hollywood! Love!


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