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Valentine's Love for Lendperk - A Review and Giveaway!

19 February 2013

This past week is one of my busiest of the year at my office (not the Pancakes and Beet Juice editor's desk, that other pesky job), so while Markus and I forged ahead with Valentine's Day plans I was nervous about how it would all work out given my short amount of time at home.

Star, a young female entrepreneur (my favorite kind!), emailed me a bit ago about her new business concept called LendPerk. For a monthly membership fee, you can check in and check out adorable day and party dresses from the likes of BCBG, Modcloth, and Anthropologie, to name a few. Your dress ships to you for free and you just send it back in the included and paid for return envelope when you're done to be eligible to pick out your next dress! The Netflix of dresses has arrived!

My neatly packaged dress and paid return envelope from LendPerk ready to party on Valentine's Day!

When Star offered me the chance to try LendPerk for free, I was so excited and knew that our special, if not a bit frantic given my schedule, Valentine's date at Rise No 1 would be the perfect time to have something to wear! There were a few perfect selections and it was a bit Sophie's Choice at the end but I went with the BB Dakota Red Lace Dress from Modcloth. It just seemed made to be worn out on Valentine's Day. Other favorites that I have in mind for future events are the French Connection Dress with Arrow Beading and the Modcloth Novel Belle dress - adorable dresses that I can think of different events to wear them to but statement dresses that I might be wary of investing in if I was making a forever purchase. Perfect picks for LendPerk!

I'm sure you're wanting to see how it all turned out, right? Brace yourself for all things holy and pale with this professional fashion blogger shot:

Since the dress itself was so classic and perfect, I styled it with my simple black clutch and heels and some silver jewelry from my Noonday Collection site. The sterling circles necklace is handmade by an artisan group in Bali that uses fair trade wages and puts a portion of profits towards micro credit loans for their business women.

The circles forever bracelet from Noonday Collection is hand welded in India by a fair trade artisan group there. I love that the two silver pieces work together as a set but are helping keep people employed doing something they love in two different countries! 

As you can imagine, a French souffle restaurant was tres the place to be on Valentine's Day, so I ran into all kinds of fun lovers and friends during dinner. When I was in the powder room I saw my friend Autumn who always has a million things going on at Dallas Contemporary, and the first thing she said was, "I love your dress!!" I thanked her and explained how perfect the concept was for a gal like her in the events industry, to which she agreed and made me write down the LendPerk URL on the spot. I also was glad to see and get nice compliments on the dress from the word in sweet style Kappa Prep and her girlfriends who were out enjoying dinner and a photo on my Instagram page had people begging me to share where I found such a perfect Valentine's frock. It had a life of its own by the end of the night and I couldn't have been more pleased!

Valentine's season is all about sharing the love, which is what LendPerk is doing for all you fab readers with a free two week membership giveaway to a Pancakes & Beet Juice gal!

To enter the LendPerk giveaway:
Make your free LendPerk account online and write "Pancakes & Beet Juice" in the How Did You Find Us text box

For additional entries:
Like LendPerk on Facebook
Follow LendPerk on Twitter
Like Pancakes and Beet Juice on Facebook

Leave all of your entires in one comment below and we will name the lucky winner on Monday, February 25!


  1. Lilly... You look absolutely darling!!! Red is your color! Rise is one of the Mr and my favorite restaurants in the whole world! Also, did you know President GeorgeW. was there the night Bin Laden was killed and left during dinner to take the call from Pres Obama ? Just a little meaningless trivia for you!!! Have a great week and if I were you I would wear red every day!!!!

  2. Gorg. Eous.

    You are rocking that purty dress, lady!!

    :) M

  3. Oh my gosh was a fabulous idea! And what a fabulous dress. I LOVE the idea of being able to get a new dress for a special occasion without having to commit to something pricy or something that will just hang in the closet after the event.

  4. You look gorgeous, Lilly! I love you in red! xoxo

  5. All entries done! So excited to learn about this service!!


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