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Nostalgia Decorating - One Goodbye Is Another Hello

20 February 2013

There is a song from The Muppets Take Manhattan about saying goodbye that streams through my head as I write this. This is appropriate since if there was a place second to the magic I felt when experiencing anything Muppet related as a child, it might have been Crystal's Pizza and Spaghetti.

I was mesmerized by the old location on Inwood (enough to stick my head into the large pipe organ and get it stuck in there one time - true story), and it was sad to move back from our stints in Kentucky and overseas and find that it was no longer. A few years ago I found the Irving location and made Markus go with me for a night of time traveling. The years hadn't really treated Irving location well, but I still loved the memories.

When I heard Crystal's was closing last week, I made one of my decorating dreams come true and drove over with my truck and some cash to get a piece of the 35 year history for our house. As you can probably guess from my home tour posts, decorating with sentimental objects is what feels right to me, and an opportunity like this has always seemed like the ultimate manifestation of that to me. I love the movie All I Want for Christmas, and one of my favorite parts is when the Dad tells his estranged wife that when their favorite diner closed, he went up with a truck and bought everything. She gives him this look like that is the most incredible thing anyone has ever done, and I totes agree. Always cry.

When we pulled up to Crystal's for the final tour, the parking lot was packed and there were a ton of people there paying their last respects. This is where our parents chose to take us to make memories and by God, we were going to honor that.

Just glorious, am I right?
Were the continually negotiated offerings a sign of things to come?

 Everything had a Victorian style detail that I always loved. If my cash flow had been looking a little different there might be a sconce woman on my wall somewhere right now:

I was also sad to be outbid on the gold sphinxes and financially uneligible for the mega chandelier (Markus loves to pull the Bridesmaids quote on me - Help meee, I'm poor!). Can you image a huge fixture like that in your house that is also from your favorite pizza place? Too much for my mind's eye to handle.

I hadn't been to this location enough to remember exactly every piece in detail, but Crystal's posted on their Facebook page that they would take bids on pieces for sale, so I went on to look at posted photos and see what I might be interested in. I had settled on $50 for a sign of the exact dimensions of the one below, just different text, and when I saw this one behind the buffet I knew I was in love with it and needed this one instead. The manager yanked it off the wall (breaking the hole to hang it with a screw - ahh! - so it was a picture hanging kit to the rescue) and we after last look around we headed home as victors.

I had bought the sign below to fill a random space in our kitchen a few years ago, but while I loved the White Rock reference to our Winfrey Point wedding, the size wasn't perfect and it seemed too fabricated for my usual style. I decided to switch things out for my new Crystal's sign. If you want the White Rock sign, feel free to email me an offer as I cannot think of a new home for it! I got it from Lula B's Antiques for $50.

Both Crystal and I are loving her new home!

I had worked late on the night we went to pick up the sign an also stopped by Ash Wednesday service at my church, so I was hoping to slip in and out of Crystal's with my new acquisition unnoticed. I found this is hard to do when carrying around such a large (and apparently envy inducing) sign. My friend's mom told me on Saturday that I better check the Dallas Morning News and there I was with Markus, Crystal and my Lenten ashes. My ashes look like a printing smudge and it reminds me of Charlotte York's mustache on her wedding day from SATC.

Getting my 15 minutes in the paper for being 27 years old and still finding a pizza buffet magical = doing life right:

Do you have a favorite childhood (or now!) place to eat or visit that you would love to steal some goodies from?

Where was your favorite place to go out as a child?


  1. Lilly... What an adorable story! Love that you made the Dallas Morning News. Make sure and have that article framed for your kids to see some day!

  2. I really love this post. I'm a sucker for history and childhood nostalgia.

  3. Cool wall art choice in terms of the themes.

  4. Hi, Any chance the White Rock wooden sign is still available? I'd love it!


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