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Fly Girl: My Flywheel Membership

14 March 2013

Remember last October when I tried Flywheel as a one off thing? I was in a big fitness DVD phase and using local boutique gyms as a way to get out and change up my exercise on Saturdays. Well, a funny thing happened at Flywheel. I went in hating spin and cardio and thinking it would be a funny thing to try once, barely survive and move on from. Here I am a bloggin' a few months later, a happy Flywheel unlimited class member.

What could have ever converted me from a fitness regime that I was happy with, could do at my home and was basically free? I've been surprised that when people stop by my blog, local friends end up mentioning or asking me about Flywheel. The recent sold out classes I've been to prove that it's definitely catching on here, so I figured it was time to follow up and give some insight into life as a Flywheel member!

After my initial class, I started going to Flywheel about once a week through class credits, which can be bought from one to twenty five at a time. Even though I exercise for personal sanity on the quasi-reg, I have never been in very good shape cardio wise, and I give a lot of credit to Flywheel for getting me to a much better level of endurance today. The numbers on each rider's bike that show Torq (resistance) and RPMs (speed) are really helpful for this - I used to bust out and burn out in spin classes and be dead by the second song, or go too light where I wasn't getting anything out of it. Flywheel's ability to quanify the class through the bike computers helps riders in training set goals without overdoing it. The group setting, races and Torq board (a leader board of where everyone who opts in can see class standings) are encouraging and also push you to be more competitive.

On Sundays I get an email with all the promotions, fun theme classes and a notification that the booking window is open for the week. Then I go in and schedule my workouts for the week around my work and life schedule. I write them in my planner and honor this commitment like I would any other appointment. This has really kept me accountable! Working out at home is really convenient but also really easy to brush off.

Here's a peek at what Flywheel's online schedule looks like (obviously, different locations have differnet schedules):

What I love about the schedule is knowing what intructor is teaching ahead of time (I like different instructors for different things, so if I know Wednesday is a really busy day for me I'll try to book Mark's class because he is full of energy which I know will help me get through it! Jen and Cristin have great rap and rock music, so they are great classes for bringing guy friends to).

My favorite feature, though, is getting to reserve your bike! Even if you squeak into class with just a few minutes to spare, the bike you want is yours. I have an old football jersey that I love to wear around the house Kelly Kapowski style that has a big 44 on it, so I consider bike 44 my lucky bike.

The classroom is stadium style, so every row of bikes is raised to see the instructor and you get a great class wherever you are. I prefer the back row because as a former B-team cheerleader, I consider facials a large part of my success in almost any undertaking, but especially in anything athletic. Back row plus lights off during my ride means no shame about busting some of these out during my ride. See also: one arm flail punching towards the ceiling during Britney songs or Journey mashups.

Facials clockwise from upper L: sprint, jog, hill, finale

Some of the coolest parts to Flywheel, though, happen after class. I've never worn a heart rate monitor working out before, so I L-O-V-E coming home after class to check my stats. Everyone makes an account with Flywheel to reserve a class and your class attendance and performance are stored online under the "My Account" tab.

I'm going to get really personal here and show you... my numbers. *The things I do for you, my dear friends...*

P.S. Can you tell which class below was at 6am by looking at the stats? It was a rough one but hey, it still counts!

As an added incentive, the total current power you make with your bike in a class becomes points and can earn you cool incentives. The Power Up program is for riders who earn more than 2500 points a month and you get a cool shirt for free every month you make the club! They are kind of a big deal.

Here I am with my personal favorite instructor, Mark Shiman, the day I got my first Power Up shirt. I was not known for my coordination or athleticism growing up (like at maybe I was known for the opposite of it) so I was very pumped about my Power Up shirt and it's become my monthly fitness goal!

Other things I love about Flywheel:
  • Definitely starting to get it's own little community amongst staff and regulars. I have a few Flywheel friends now and I really like catching up with them before class!
  • Love hitting the complimentary fruit bowl after class and the showers with Bliss spa products at the Dallas/Plano locations are awesome. Makes it so easy to squeeze in a workout and hit the day from there! Also little things like jars of hairbands and bobby pins make a big difference! 
  • The theme classes are awesome. My friends and I woke up at six (in the morning!!) for a Jay-Z and Beyonce themed ride on Valentine's Day and they've also done 80's night, break up songs..there's always something on the schedule to switch it up!
  • Your first ride is free, so it's always easy to invite a friend to try it out!

A few things I am hoping Flywheel adds to their offerings:
  • A family membership. Markus also loves Flywheel but two indivudal memberships are outside our budget right now. There are a lot of couples that like going together to the location I'm at. The family that spins together, wins together!
  • An app! I love reserving classes and tracking performance online, and it would be awesome to be able to do that through an app on my phone.

So that's the story of how I went from cardio-a-no-no to Fly girl in just a few months. Have you ever gone from thinking you totally weren't into something to getting super into it?

This post was my own idea and own opinions and not sponsored by Flywheel. If you think it was helpful and want to try Flywheel yourself, you can use this link to let them know I sent you give me a shout out in their referral program. Hope to see you there!


  1. So jealous that you have Flywheel! And the facial expressions remind me of how much I love working out with you! Any Zumba class, spin class, etc is way more fun with you in it. Congrats on the great results and the awesome tank! Now lets convince them
    To open one in Dallas!

  2. I ADORE Flywheel. It's an unabashed deep enduring love. I go to the Atlanta location and have been on a mission to convert all of my friends into Flywheel junkies as well. No matter how crappy I'm feeling I'm always glad I went. Your numbers are fantastic! I've only recently broken the 250 threshold - what an awesome feeling! And I also just earned my first Power Up shirt - so stoked! Keep up the great work! :)

  3. love love love. you were at my birthday ride on 3/11 :) LOVE me some mark - he and jen are my two faves at HP!

    my first ever spin (RPM) class was on 8/29/12, and i got certified as an instructor at the end of january of this year. it's crazy how quickly and how much spin can change you, and i absolutely love the trackable/accountable component to flywheel. with RPM, we can only really coach the "feel"/rhythm and can't tell people torq or rpm numbers. it's a major bummer, so i like mixing it up every now and then.


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