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Gluten Free Quinoa Stir Fry Recipe and Little Soya Review!

04 March 2013

We are a little condiment crazy in our family. When we go out to eat, Markus typically does a quick scan over the menu and when he selects his meal (which, 90% of the time, is or includes French fries), he also requests sides of any and all specialty condiments that seem appealing. We love dressings, aiolis, chipotle mayos, pestos, specialty ketchups, spicy sauce, sassy sauce - you name it.

The kicker of the gluten-free life is that a very top ranking condiment, soy sauce, is gluten over loaded! There are some options and certain places are getting better about carrying a gluten free version of their soy sauce. When Little Soya offered to send me some of their naturally gluten free and low sodium soy sauce to try, I was thrilled. My first reaction when they got here was that the packaging made them ideal for keeping some in my purse so we no longer have to call ahead and make sure a restaurant stock their own. I put five in my evening bag before a sushi date a few weeks ago and I've used them twice since then. You know what they say, have little fishy soy sauce packets and the world opens to opportunity.

Here's a shot of the packaging so you can spot them on Amazon or at Kroger or HEB!

While they are great on the go, I've also loved these little fishies for making meals at home, like our favorite gluten free stir fried quinoa.

We seriously love us some quinoa and often make one big batch at a time that we can split up and take to work or use in meals for the rest of the week. For the beginners out there, you use two cups liquid to boil one cup of uncooked quinoa (which fluffs up to probably three cups quinoa fully cooked). We use vegetable stock if we have it, or use water with the bullion cube pictured below, which I personally think it easier since it has a longer shelf life and takes up less space in the [world's tiniest] pantry!

Stuff You'll Need to Make Stir Fried Quinoa

Three cups fully cooked quinoa 
Chopped Vegetables (zucchini, onion, carrot, spinach, bell pepper - whatever you got!)
Cooking Oil (we used coconut oil but olive oil or whatever you use will work)

Here's a money shot of the coconut oil that I am currently obsessed with. It's kind of odd to spoon your cooking oil out of a jar, but one heaping spoonful does the job and I am a convert!

Once the oil has coated the pan (bonus points if you've got a wok!), add the chopped onion and other vegetables, moving them around only a few times so they can caramelize. Once things start to brown up around the edges, I add the quinoa and the soy sauce. 

The day's mail is poking out from the left, offering a hearty side dish of reality.
I used two Little Soya packets to this recipe and it gave so much flavor without being overly salty like other soy sauces. Just 5-7 minutes in the pan all together and we had a unique and flavorful dinner loaded with protein heavy quinoa and veggies on the table.

What is your condiment style - go heavy or stick to one and let is really sing?

Are you all aboard the quinoa train?


  1. Those fish packets are so cute! I love me some quinoa stirfry. It's one of my favorite things to take to work leftover for lunch. I'll have to try this sauce.

    1. That is awesome! So glad I finally got on the quinoa express train!

  2. Very nice recipe! This is very different for all the recipes I saw through the internet. Actually after I read this, I list all the ingredients and procedure because later I will cook this for my family. They will love this I'm sure because this is the first time that they taste this food. Thank you for this.Stir Fried Chicken


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