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Oh Hey, Have You Met My Friends?

28 March 2013

When I went to Blissdom I kind of assumed I would slip away and come back without really writing about it. If you went, we talked about it there (if you're Town and Country Mom we've been texting about it every day since) and if you didn't go, why do you need to know a lot about it? As they say down this way, the proof is in the puddin'. I thought my attendace at something like that would just show itself in my writing and general blogginess.As you may have noticed from this week's holy cow come to Jesus post, that obviously did not transpire. I feel like I have two types of posts: ones that I write with time and one that jump out and I cannot get into my computer fast enough to get them out of my head and send them away. My last post was definitely of the latter persuasion, and I am so glad it bubbled up.

I love ruining moments with feelings talk, and I am so grateful to everyone who reads and contributes here. Without your enthusiasm (or at least acknowledgement) of my internet corner I would have never been intersted in attending a weekend for bloggers that was so way more awesome than just blogging. Your support made me feel like when I had that and other things before to say, here was the best place to bring it. The big kanhuna posts are kind of few and far between in my hum drum life, but when they come out I am always amazed at how wonderful everyone is about receiving them. Thank you!

So coming back from a weekend like Blissdom. It's kind of like the song While My Guitar Gently Weeps. That first riff is crazy full of power, then you start processing the words and you realize there's so many directions you can go - good things are happening but some things are still the same a lot to manage - so much confusion and energy at the same time! Damn, GH knew what he was doing with that one.

As the dust settles, the shining take away right now are the new people I met that I really like. Blogs I've been reading that I wouldn't have come across had it not been for us talking jewelry and celeb gossip in the lunch line. There were almost a thousand people at Blissdom and I walked off with a small handful of absolutely lovely contacts. That's personally how I benefit from large situations like that - taking it a person at a time.

So many fun gems that it was time to update ye ol' blog roll! (Those little links to blogs on the side of my page, y'all.) I try to make everything on my blog have some sort of value or meaning - welcome to life as a art history student - and I thought it would be fun to the rules of Lilly's blog roll, and then introduce why I love them so you can see about adding them to your list as well!

The Commandments of the Pancakes and Beet Juice Short Stack of Blogs
I. Thou shalt be a size to my Goldilocks-esque liking. Not too big (I think we all read Young House Love and friends without my assitance) and I suppose also not too small so there's enough cool stuff going on that makes reading worth everyone's while.
II. Thou shalt be funny, but not all the time. I like the funny blogs, but I like the ones who aren't afraid to say the real stuff too. Kind of like what I strive for over here.
III. Thou shalt not bitch about your spouse or your job, although almost everything else is cool. Talking smack about your job or the person you share your life with just seems like you're asking for it, and that it would be way easier to just take it up with them anyways.
IV. Thou shalt not hurt my eyes. Nothing over here is made by a fancy graphic designer and what not, but let's please control the fonts and spacing and stuff, since I prefer to wreck my eyes by being on Twitter all day.
V. Thou shalt not tweet about Passionfruit ads and rates and specials or whateva. I totally understand that blogging takes time and financing it makes it worthwhile. No hard feelings but I haven't figured out the value of posting blogger ads (businesses are totally cool for some reasoning in my mind) yet so until then I'd rather pick who I want to feature and do it for free!

To give a quick overview:
  • The Borrowed Abode and I met at Blissdom and she writes about spiffing up her rental and supporting small business along the way - hello Soul Sistah!
  • Food and Fitness 4 Real keeps it real while talking food and fitness in Dallas. We also got to meet at Blissdom and she has the best personality!
  • Preppy Empty Nester is my internet aunt and I love her. Her posts always make me smile, as do her comments!
  • Hugs, Kisses and Snot and I met at another conference where we bonded over TOMs and fair trade tote bags. Reading her posts count as going to small group, right?
  • Paige McDaniel's Blog is a great mix of her fantastic humor and life as the executive director at Community Partners of Dallas - one of my favorite Dallas charities!
  • Lilacs and Longhorns finds the perfect balance of dressing a home that suits all the personalities in her house. She is also extremely encouraging to me in "real" life about blogging and I always appreciate it!
  • DFW Food Truck Foodie has kept me well fed while supporting small and local business for years now. I can't imagine the Dallas food truck movement without her. She is a gem.
  • Dear Abby Leigh is a new one that I am loving from Blissdom. You might see me linking up with her on Wednesdays for some fun fashion posts!
  • Legally Fabulous is the high school bestie. Every one of her posts sounds exactly like when we talk in person. The real deal.
  • Town and Country Mom is now my best internet friend y'all, so just be warned. This woman balances being a teriffic mom with being whip smart and hella funny. It's always inspiring and I love the pictures of the farm!
  • La Conception Des Femmes is a group style blog with cool DIYs. I love all their personalities and have enjoyed when we can meet up in person!
So as we say goodbye to Google Reader, these will be my first to add to Bloglovin, where I now get my blog feeds (for those not familiar, you can subscribe to your favorite blogs and they send them to you in one pretty email each morning!). If you're looking for me on Bloglovin', well I'm right over here.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Anyone else I need on my list?


  1. Miss Lilly... you made my day! Love your Commandments and agree whole heartedly! #2 will be home for break for a little while and I would love for all of us to have lunch. How does 4/16 or 4/17 sound? We will meet wherever is convenient for you. Email me. Happy Easter! xx

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  3. Thanks for including me in the list! Meeting you was most definitely a highlight of Blissdom for me!

  4. Awww...thanks, Lilly! You really do rock and you're a big encourager yourself! :)

  5. Fave blog: umm, yours!! :) love your writing style, topics, and humor!! Thanks for mentioning LCDF, too! What an amazing list to be included in! :) so excited to see you at book club!

  6. Fave blog: umm, yours!! :) love your writing style, topics, and humor!! Thanks for mentioning LCDF, too! What an amazing list to be included in! :) so excited to see you at book club!

  7. Lilly -- thank you for including me in this illustrious (and glam and kick-ass) list. I can't wait to go searching for the ones new to me because I know if you like them, I will too! XXOO


  8. I love The Roubinek Reality. Jamie is so sweet, she always reminds me to enjoy the sweet moments of being a mom. I meet her at SITS bloggy boot camp along with Stephanie @FoodFit4Real love them both. New fan Pancakes and Beet Juice!


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