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Go Home With Something to Poke On: Gluten Free Ice Cream Sanwiches from Pokey O's

18 March 2013

Not exactly what Dr. Dre meant in The Next Episode, but Pokey O's gluten-free ice cream sandwiches make me wanna HOLD UP hayyyyyyy

Speaking of the chronic, I've been hooked on a habit lately that's just as addicting. The ice cream sandwich habit. Unlike ones we enjoyed as a kid, these megatrons are not from the freezer aisle and not for the faint of heart. We've been trucking over to Pokey O's almost every Sunday night to get our fix. I love that they're open fairly late on Sunday (10 pm!) so I can still make a run for it when the little devil on my shoulder says its go time after dinner.

You don't know how to make a Pokey O's ice cream sandwich? For real? You're killin me, smalls. Here's a step by step, Sandlot style.

First, you take the cookie. Pokey O's keeps a good selection of cookie types handy, but I obviously stick to the gluten-free. Which is no problem at all when it is the perfect textured fluff with a crispy outside, chocolate chunks and pecans.

Next, you take your ice cream. You put the ice cream between the cookies. (Actually a friendly Pokey O's team member does, but the added description didn't quite fit my Sandlot reference.)

Lots of gluten-free flavors, all that Blue Bell creamy consistency us Texans know and love.

The end result: kryptonite for the Sunday evening blues. And not a bit of gluten from here to next week.

So, there you have it. A short post today but I think you gained a lot: the secret to Dallas' best gluten-free ice cream sandwich, plus Next Episode and Sandlot references. Not bad for a Monday afternoon, right?

What's your favorite frozen treat?

Are you a Sunday night snacker like me?

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  1. Wow! Sounds a little like Sweet Sammy's over in Ft. Worth. Don't know whether they have gluten free tho. They are so good that when someone says Ft. Worth, my mouth begins to water!!Hopefully they'll get on the gluten free bandwagon!


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