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Life as a Ewing - The Texas Independence Day Party

06 March 2013

MY BAD you guys for not wishing you a Texas Independence Day this weekend. Apparently it is a big deal around here, like such a big deal that my friend Sarah who throws awesome theme parties like not-so-politically-correct Wild West and Halloween themed wine night, decided to mark the great occasion for her annual spring soiree. 

Guests were asked to dress as their favorite Texans, so as a couple that pledges their allegiance to Dallas first, Texas second and the United States somewhere else down the line, there was one very prominent option that came to mind. 

I know what you might be asking yourselves, and let's just say it all together...

Markus made an amazing J.R. We just took my grandfather's Stetson and bought some pre-assembled feathers from the craft store that we glued into a band that slid on to the hat without damaging it at all. A solid tan power suit and some amped up eyebrows and Markus wanted that sweet sweet oil. That bubblin crude. Texas tea, y'all! 

It's been both awesome and alarming how I've been able to shop my closet for all of Sarah's parties (pre-blog days she's also done pirates, alien invasion and St Patrick's Day). Sue Ellen was no exception and a colorful jumpsuit and this incredible coat that I seriously can't stop wearing to everything were spot on. 

At least I know Sam Houston approved.

Another party goer showing her local spirit was Sarah's University of Texas co-ed cousin who dressed as Leslie, Austin's late yet still revered bum.

Here's my favorite party planning family all together including Willie Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, Nolan Ryan, the yellow rose of Texas, Barbara Bush and lots of future NCAA Texas athletes.

In case you are headed to a famous Texans party sometime soon, some of my other favorite costumes were:
- Mary Kay
- Lance Armstrong (with the doping needle in his arm, duh)
- Big Tex
- Buddy Holly

I always love seeing what interesting themed foods they're going to lay out for the spread. These ain't your fancy, printables parties like you see on those other blogs, but I loved how they did foods originated in the great state of Texas with a card by each one to let you know where it's from! They also had arrangements with yellow roses and the six flags of Texas as decorations on the table.

Some of the food items were:
- Ruby Red Grapefruit slices
- Ranch style beans 
- smoked brisket
- Shiner Beer
- Llano Winery wines (made me especially happy since Sarah and I met right by there at Texas Tech!)
- Dublin Dr. Pepper
- shelled pecans

After we said grace over the food we were interrupted by Sam Houston receiving word of the battle of the Alamo...

You remember the Alamo, right? That mission made from craft paper on the other side of the living room!

It was such a fun party and I officially vote for it being an annual theme. We were exhausted from costuming and revelry by the night's end, and by the looks of it Bowser (appearing as Bevo for one night only) was about the same!

Did you celebrate Texas Independence Day this year?

Who would you dress as for a famous Texans party?


  1. What a riot! You and the hubs make the cutest JR and Sue Ellen. Great idea for a party.

  2. Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, thanks .


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