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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly {and Pretty!} Bamboo Curtain Rods

16 April 2013

Subtitle: A Sophisticated New Look, Plus Lots and Lots of Jokes About Rods

First of and foremost, thank you so much to everyone who was so supportive of Markus and our family while he studied for his test! We hear back in June about how he did. You can get a paternity test in an hour, but it takes six weeks to find out if you can be an engineer. Who would have guessed.

While Markus was studying, I used it as a way to spend more time on my personal interests. I really loved the breezy and light look of our bedroom but was never quite sure if our bedding and valances set was the Southern irony feel I was going for or gave off more of a dreaded "bed in a bag" vibe. The set had been free from my mom who bought a big lot of this blue and white fabric at auction (the valances are actually a tablecloth cut in half with some new seams sewn in!), so I wasn't missing out on a big investment if I decided to switch things up.

There's the issue I've run into with comforters which is that Miss Priss Little Child likes to love on them the same way she does any stuffed toy, which is by cutting it open with her teeth and ripping out the insides in a gruesome act of affection. Thanks to this we had a few holes in our comforter that were becoming difficult to hide.

Don't let the face lie to you. This is a dog with no respect for bed linens.

Thankfully, my godmother (my mom's good friend from her Ursuline days before mine) owns The Antique Drapery Rod Co. Her collections range from the super sleek to uber gorgeous, and even though they look their best in mega mansions and high end hotels, I always find pieces that bring our abode together perfectly (the aluminum rods in my living and dining room are her Bauhaus collection, made from recycled soda cans!). I was thrilled when we were out at our regular Sunday dinner and she offered to gift me with some new drapery and hardware from her lines.

To keep with the light and airy feel of our bedroom, I chose a bamboo curtain rod with cylinder finials in antique gold. I loved choosing all the different parts. You can get totally over the top or more understated, like I chose to do. I love that the bamboo is the real deal: sustainably grown with no paint, lacquer or any other toxic treatment on it.

Then a fancy thing happened. I also chose these bamboo curtain rings to make the room feel beachy, and I got to try hanging curtains in a totally new way. The rings came with these little hooks that you pin through the curtain. I started at one end, spaced them out and hooked them all to the curtain before hanging them on the rings.

Then I just dropped each hook on the curtain ring.

I love how it turned out! The curtain just kind of floats under the rings instead of being able to see all the hardware. I've read so many times about how much a good window treatment can really change a room, and I'm a believer.

The curtains are an organic cotton and linen blend from Antique Drapery Rod Company's sister line, Anna Sova. They are lined well and give the room a really soft and relaxed feeling!

Of course, it's like if you give a mouse a cookie over here. If you give a wife a project, it's a wave of excitement. Can't wait to show you what comes next!

Do you believe in the power of a new set of drapes?

Any projects going on at your house for spring?


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