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Dress for the Day Wednesday: Springing Into Brights

03 April 2013

How was your Easter? It was a beautiful weekend over here that started off with some storms but ended with absolutely perfect egg hunting weather. Which is a good thing, as my mom has yet to let go of her annual egg hunt.

We still get to participate until we're 30 (sorry, Markus!) and she's started adding neighborhood kids to the invite list so we have some competition. To qualify for the hunt, you must be willing to sport a proper Easter bonnet, and my accessories fiend Sistah and I are always more than happy to oblidge.

Sistah and I hunting for eggs.
Markus has aged out but he makes a great hider!
This post is about my outfit but let us give a round of applause to my Mom's Easter apparel.

Before we had people over to my Mom's, we all met for Mass. Markus and I live behind our family's church and we love walking there on Christmas and Easter as one of our mini family's traditions. I also thought it was a perfect time to think about the secret reason for the season (the introduction of whites and brights back into our wardrobes!) and snap some photos to link up with Dear Abby Leigh today for Dress for the Day Wednesday.

Dress for the Day Wednesday is all about celebrating putting some extra thought into your appearance for the day you want to have. At family events I'm the one that's typically in one step above pajamas while my more inherently girly mom and Sistah are curled and tucked. I put in some extra effort this year and had a great day! Maybe my curling iron will start appearing on weekdays more because of it.

Here we are enjoying a walk to Mass and casual style shoot:

This bright teal dress from Zara has been a great staple for showers, holidays and the ever popular Mexican themed rehearsal dinner for Texas weddings. I love how the over the top color in the simple shape has a retro feel and showcases fun accessories.

The metallic orb bib necklace is by far the lead in my statement necklace rotation right now. I knew I would love this piece, made by women in Ethiopia from melted war weapons, for dressier events but I've found it is awesome with simple shells and oxford shirts for work as well. Wearing this jewelry that brings hope and employment to women - many of whom are battling HIV - on a day that is about renewal and peace was especially impactful for me.

Metallic Orb Bib Necklace from Noonday Collection
While I love the soft metallics on the Orb Necklace, I still brought the color on the rest of my accessory selections. The Embria Seed bracelet from Noonday Collection is a great mix of neutrals and color with soft grey and white embria seeds mixed with colorful paper beads and made in Uganda through a fair trade artisan co-op.

I had been so impatient to bust out this Filipino Clutch and this outfit was the perfect opportunity! The grass is hand dyed and woven and I love how the teal caught the color of my dress perfectly!

Outfit Details:
Dress - Zara (old)
Shoes - Tory Burch
Necklace - Noonday Collection
Bracelet - Noonday Collection
Ring - Kendra Scott

To see more adorable ensems and springy styles, head on over to my girl Dear Abbey Leigh's page to see all the participants!


  1. oh my gosh - you and tessie are twins!!!

  2. I just learned about Noonday Collection recently and am a fan! Can't wait to get something.

  3. love that dress!! and all of those accessories. so cute! Lovely spending Easter with you, sistah!

  4. i did NOT know noonday collection had such a variety of pieces. thanks for opening my eyes and linking up with me! it was so great to meet you, and i love how embracing dress for the day made your easter extra special! see you next week :)

  5. LOVE that dress...and the Easter bonnet thing is HILARIOUS!

  6. Lilly... You sistas look great! Positively love that adorable teal dress. My girls have the same Torrys. Looking forward to the 17th. Will be in touch about the details.

  7. Those hats are AWESOME! What a fun tradition!

  8. Where do I start. . . first, had never heard of Noonday Collection - so I had to read all about it - what a great mission behind the company. I loved that necklace on you at Blissdom, too.
    Love your Easter outfit and was dying over your mom's costume. . . that is AWESOME.

  9. I am loving that dress! The color, the fit, all of it. Also, I am so happy to have discovered the Noonday Collection. Beautiful pieces and a beautiful story. So glad I found you and them!

    Found you via Dress for the Day. Find me at

  10. L-O-V-E that dress! Way to rock that Noonday Collection


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