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Dear JCPenney: So Much Love for Ya

09 April 2013

JC Penney is quite the buzz word right now. It definitely is around my house.

When my mom asked me what I might want to see from the Easter bunny this year (Hell yes I am still brought treats from the Easter bunny, who happens to be my mom dressed in full Easter Bunny costume), my response was, "JC Penney gift card, please!!"

Markus has been studying around. the. clock. for his upcoming engineering exam, and we get time for about one outing together a weekend day. Not ashamed that two of them have been requests for him to take me to JC Penney. (If our relationship was a movie, it would be a perfect blend of Garden State and Driving Miss Daisy.)

Basically, while everyone else is getting their JC Penney experience from the sad business news, I am over here scooping up delicious little treats and enjoying exemplary customer service.

My mom and Nannie my granny have been getting their JC Penney on quite a bit. I was ready to ramp up my affinity when I saw their small shops debuting, inlcuding Levi's (Markus' forever and only jean brand), Joe Fresh, and of course my most beloved BFF Jonathan Adler.

My first purchase was the most gorgeous bedding to launch a little master bedroom update. The Elizabeth bedding from the JC Penney Jonathan Adler line is truly Happy Chic, just like the name of the collection.

However, the soaring feelings I had the whole day after ordering my new bedding came crashing down when I got home from work the next day and saw a $10 coupon to JCP in my mailbox. Is this not the worst feeling in the world? I called the 24 hour customer service line to see what could be done. I was answered with "Thank you for calling JC Penney this is so and so from City, State, USA." An American! We would surely get work done on this call. I explained the emotional shopping roller coaster I was on and five minutes later I was off the phone, making dinner and having $10 credited to my account for the coupon.

If you're keeping score, that's 1 point for JC Penney: Friendly phone customer service people who understand the emotional high of couponing.
When it comes to life, especially shopping, I am never one and done about anything. Just a few days later I was back to trolling the JCP site. This time for the most perfect mix of prep and bohemia in a pair of pants I had ever seen from the Joe Fresh for JC Penney collection.

Only this time my lust came with a cost. The pants were sold out in my size online and in every nearby JC Penney, save for one about 25 minutes away in Hurst at Northeast Mall. I convinced myself I would go to the ends of the Earth (even the suburbs!) to add this piece to my wardrobe. I called the store to verify that they were in stock before I made my trip. Again:

  1. A real (and pleasant) person answered the phone
  2. She was extremely accomodating and went in search of my pants
  3. Then let me know she would hold them at the front under my name and even said she was excited that I was so excited (THANK YOU! YOU ARE RIGHT, I AM SO EXCITED!)
When I got to the store, the pants were waiting for me and a perfect fit. (Fitting room shot below.) I tried it on with a Joe Fresh top that I liked but decided not to take home with me.

Markus agreed to drive me since he had been wanting some new double walled Bodum glasses and had a text coupon. There is nothing more luxurious or special to Markus than a double walled Bodum glass. He collects them like antique coins and keeps them at work and at home. No one is to touch or use the Bodum double walled glasses but Markus. One time a coworker broke one after hurling a Nerf football across Markus' former office and said coworker was told where he could replace said double walled Bodum by the end of the week. The opportunity to acquire more double walled Bodum glasses from JC Penney via coupon was quite the exciting opportunity for Markus.

The only problem was, when we got to homewares, no double walled Bodum glasses were to be found. Bodum was one of the new small shops opening, and they had moved all of their current inventory into the small shop and sealed it up for the debut of the new mini store tomorrow. No one was supposed to go in or sell anything from there.

Another store might have said, "Sorry, Charlie," or the most dreaded "That is our policy," but the kind woman at JC Penney Northeast Mall sleuthed around and came back with a set of two 16 oz. double walled Bodum perfection for Markus. His night was made.

Score update: 2 for JC Penney, believer of coupon reimbursement, shopping mini road trips and a man's right to luxurious glass ware

Last weekend we went to the store near us to see the new small shops in person (my Jonathan Adler order had been online).  

I thought the way they had all of the items layed out was so cute!
I went into Jonathan Adler world while Markus was sucked in at Bodum. His favorite item (besides the glasses, natch) was the water heater and French press in one in his favorite color, highlighter green. That shirt over his shoulder was a purchase from the day and has Kermit riding a bike on the front. I was very happy to see Markus pick out his first Muppet shirt to match my expansive collection.

My mom is a good Southern woman who invests in her unmentionables and washes them in special detergent and line dries them. She is a Cosabella fan and I am loving the line they have with JC Penney. Puts my undies collection (many of which also feature Muppets characters) to shame. I think this might lead me to an adult upgrade.

And I was surprised by how much I liked the Martha Stewart Celebrations line. I am not really into paper products, but much of it was reusable. The paper lanterns were really unique in shapes and prints I'd never seen before and the three tier cupcake towers were study for continued reuse but can be broken down easily for storage.

The last JC Penney item to come home with me was this Jonathan Adler dog treat jar. When I saw it online I expected a plastic, but it is actually a heavy ceramic. And a cute splurge for my favorite poodle, Miss Little Child, at $25.

Here it is all set up at home, holding Mellow Mutt treats and ready for Little Child should she ever want to do some entertaining.

My favorite part of shopping at the Dallas store (on Northwest Highway) was when the sales associate approached me in the middle of the store and asked me if I was ready to check out. Right there! She had a fanny pack and was ready to do the damn thing, plus a bagging station an aisle over to help bundle my purchases. Can you imagine?

Cute mini shops and crazy awesome middle of the store check out brings us to 3 points for JC Penney and my confirmed life shopped status.

So there is a completely unbiased, unsolicited insight into my obsession lately. That unwavering Americana classic that is JC Penney.

Have you been to JC Penney lately? See anything you think you need like me?


  1. I ordered bedding online after you tweeted about it! I got the blue pattern set. Love it! Our local store does not have the JA shop set up yet but glad I could get stuff online.

    About the green Joe Fresh top, I found the fit odd in the chest! Too bad as it was so pretty!

  2. I am not sure if we even have a JC Penney in Austin, that's how long it's been since I've been to one. However, I now want nothing more than to visit one! That bedding is SO cute too! Looking forward to seeing more of this update that you speak of.

  3. I had no idea they had a JA market inside JCP! I was sad to hear that the renegade/new president was outed, I liked where he was taking the store.

  4. I love this! One of my favorites brands is Bodum so I'm siding with Markus that the double walled glasses rock :) i haven't checked out jcp yet but now i just might have to!

  5. Well I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend... : )

  6. Miss Lilly... You need to send a link of this post to the new CEO of Penney's pronto. What a beautiful honest love letter to a store that has had a few rough months. What a great post. A lot of our friends lost jobs at Penney's but I'm glad they are on the way back. Looking forward to the 17th!

  7. I love JCP! I got the cutest mix and match swim suits last summer and the best part was that I got three suits and a cover up for the price of one at Dillard's. I don't understand why designers think they can charge over $100 for a scrap of material. Thankfully JCP understands I don't want to take out a loan just to look cute at the pool.
    However, looks like your store is much more luxurious than the one here in Norman.

  8. I had never really shopped at JCP until I heard they got Joe Fresh - I am seriously in love with the store-in-store concept!

  9. That Jonathan Adler bedding that you picked out is so cute! I need to go check out the Joe Fresh too!


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