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Styled by...The Sandlot? My Favorite Summer Casuals

17 April 2013

This weekend was like a return to Neverland at our house. No studying, no huge binders everywhere and no anxiety of a test to be found. With great weather and Markus' brother on the way into town, it was like we were a couple of college kids out for a Saturday romp like old times.

After a quick round of morning chores, we seriously didn't know what to do with ourselves. We said things like "Can you believe how pretty it is outside?! Look at our backyard! Remember when we would sit around in it? LET'S DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!"

A few minutes into most of our backyard hang out sessions leads to one or both of us in the tree. It is seriously one of the best trees for climbing I've ever seen. Or climbed.

Sitting in the tree on a perfect spring day with my husband, I said the words every guy wants to hear...

Will you take a picture of my outfit for my blog?

I was so trilled to be wearing shorts and my favorite summer shirt for the first time this year that it just had to be documented. And yes, I brought my handbag with me on my tree climb. It really pulls the outfit together and who knows when you'll need a snack? (I always have Kind bars and clementines in my bag.)

An emerging style it is not, but casual summer outfits are my absolute favorite and my first of the season had to be given proper documentation. I bought the new Converse high tops after a viewing of The Sandlot at Klyde Warren Park last weekend and I love them! What took me so long? And why have I never thought to take more style cues from such a classic American film? Next up: a red one piece with matching hair ribbon a la Wendy Peffercorn.

I'm also loving my new Guapa Wrap Bracelet from my Noonday Collection site. The leather wrap is strong enough to last me a few summers, and I love the big pop of color with the bright bead.

Outfit Details:
Sneakers - Concerve All Stars, DSW
Bag - Cambridge Satchel Co.
Shirt: (old) Target
Shorts: (old) Reuse Jeans - Three cheers for recycled denim!
Sunglasses - Target

Once Markus' brother arrived we went off to explore downtown, with a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art (I loved seeing the Chagall exhibit for the first time and found more to love at the Cindy Sherman exhibit the second time around!), lunch at Klyde Warren Park at the food trucks and a walk through the Arts District.

Dallas has a new visitor's campaign called "Big Things Happen Here" where you can take your photo as the I in the middle of one of Dallas' big things. Cute, right? I was excited to get one in at the installation at the Winspear Opera House. There are lots of these fun photo ops spread all arond town and you can even win prizes for taking your picture and sharing it online! More on all the fun and where you can take your picture here.

I'm linking up with Dear Abby Leigh for Dress for the Day Wednesday, since I'll be dressing like this every weekend now in hopes of more beautiful weather! Lots of other cute outfits to her on her blog today.

If you're in Dallas, have you checked out these cool signs?

What are your favorite summer staples?


  1. Miss Lilly... You look adorable in your outfit but I must tell you that you are even cuter in person!

  2. I LOVE that you're in a tree! Most creative outfit pose ever! ;)
    A good pair of wedges and a cute summer dress are my staples!
    Visiting from the Dress For The Day linkup!

  3. i think it is definitely legit to dress for the summer you want to have - and who doesn't want to have a summer like the sandlot kids? i like you so much! thanks for being a part of this.


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