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The 411 on 4/11: A Little More About Me

11 April 2013

Leading with an off topic question: Has anyone been reading Lean In? It is on my list and I've been keeping up with its buzz. I think it's interesting that I'm reading Start, a book about harnessing your purpose in that way that works for you, while Lean In is so popular. A mini conversation on the concept got me in touch with Blair's Headband, and she wrote a fabuous synopsis of her feelings on the every touchy female subject of doing it all and being it all to everyone yesterday. Such great timing as today is her first ever link up!

The topic is the 411 on 4/11, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to take pause and offer a little more insight to myself. Si vous plait read on if you would like to get to know the girl behind the notebook laptop, and please follow my link towards the end to meet more of BHB's posse of blog ladies!

1. The Basics
Who are you: Lilly! See also: Sistah or The Weas by Markus (a adaptation of when Amelie says in her namesake film, "I'm nobody's Little Weasel.")
Where do you blog: I'm right here at Pancakes and Beet Juice, and I tweet at @LillyNeu and Instagram at LillyNeu as well!
How did you pick your blog’s name: I was a tweeter and blog reader before venturing into blog world myself. It seemed a trend to name one's blog after two things they enjoyed, usually tres fabulous such as "Mint Juleps and Manicures" or "Mimosas and Manolos." I thought long and hard about what I found to be one of my most perfect, pleasurable pairings and the rest is history.

2. Location, location, location
Where did you grow up: From Dallas, love Dallas! There were also stints in Western Kentucky (Paducah) and Quito, Ecuador, to secure my love of the jet set.
Where do you live now: Right in the heart of Dallas. 15 minutes from everything cool, no matter what direction you're headed.
Where would you live anywhere in the world: I must admit that it'd be right here! Nashville also seems really interesting right now, and some of my other favorite cities are Charleston, New York and Paris.

3. Let’s talk beauty - what is your favorite or signature:
Lipstick: I love Smith's Rosebud Salve, but special occassions call for color. I keep all my favorite shades listed on my account and get great recommendations there too!
Mascara: The Cover Girl one they sell at one of my favorite stores, Costco!
Perfume: My bottle of the only perfume I like to wear, L'Inderdit by Givenchy, broke a few years ago. I use Verve soap, which is like a hippie version of Irish Spring that is sold at Whole Foods. My grandfaher was an Irish Spring devotee so I love the smell.

4. Yummies - what is your favorite:
Cocktail: I don't actually drink that much! (Bad blogger, nooooo) But anything with bubbles is hard for me to turn down.
Dessert: Creme brulee or the iced cookies from Tulu's Gluten Free Bakery
Pizza Topping(s): I love recreating the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza from CPK at home with Udi's gluten-free crust!

5. I always have these three things in my refrigerator:
Un: LaCroix sparkling water in Grapefruit
Deux: Rudi's Multigrain Gluten Free Bread for toast and grilled cheese sammies (carbs go hard for my Flywheel addiction)
Trois: Eggs! Markus makes me the best scrambled eggs. I am desperate for two chickens for my birthday. I already have their names picked out.

6. Get artsy - what is your favorite:
Movie: The Great Muppet Caper. I cannot even fathom how many times I've watched this movie., Lady Holliday is the most.
Book: Ramona Quimby, Age 8, To Kill A Mockingbird or Heidi
TV Show: My mom continues to be dismayed when I give Seinfeld a bulk of credit for shaping my personality. I used to sit on the other side of the door and listen to it when I was too little to watch, and I sobbed until I was physically ill when it went off the air (I was 12).

7. Kid stuffs - three questions about your youth:
What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an interior designer or work for a magazine. That is what I get from blogging. I feel like the editor of my own lifestyle magazine, and I get to share my passion projects with so many interesting people I would not have been able to meet!
Who was your favorite teacher and why? Miss Bone was my favorite teacher in high school. She taught us theatre arts and wanted us to be confident, interesting ladies who would make life colorful and worthwhile for others. She is a devoted wife and mom who gives herself fully to her family and continues to explore her talents and develop them. She just completed her MFA with a son in college and ones in high school and middle school because "Why not?!" Every time I continue to be around her I am inspired and fed. The nun that began the Ursuline order that my high school belonged to said, "Be the piazza," that people want to come to and spend time with to be revitalized. She is mine and encourages me to be one to others.
What was your worst sickness/surgery/hospital visit as a kid? Other than the chicken pox, I escaped unscathed! Which has caused a crazy phobia in me of needles and doctors.

8. The Pretty Things - what is your:
Favorite color: I do not have one! I love different colors for different things: work, home, flowers. But yes please, to lots and lots of color!
Favorite flower: Wisteria! I could ride my bike under it for free smells for hours.
Favorite artist (painter, photographer, etc.): I went wild for Cindy Sherman when I studied her in college, and was honored to teach about her when I worked in child art education. The fact that she's dated Steve Martin just elevates her to a different level, and I can't wait to visit her first museum exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art for the second time this weekend.

9. Shop ‘Til You Drop
What’s one thing you buy the most often: Lunch! But I'd love to cut back. Anyone have good gluten-free lunch ideas that don't require a microwave? I'm beat.
Do you prefer to shop online or in-store? I am an odd mix of both. I love shopping online to know what's in stock and have it come straight to me, but I also love the experience of browsing a store and touching everything. As you saw with my love affair with JCPenney, my favorite stores excel at both.
Imagine you open your own store - what would you sell? I think my biggest interest would be doing something that brought people together, which is my first love. I have had the best time bringing people together through my work with Noonday Collection, and something beautiful that is responsibly made and makes the world a better place would continue to be my goal!

10. Be a Hater: what are three things you would like to go away?
Ein: With BHB on marraige inequality. If there is one thing I visualize every day it is a newspaper that says "Equal Rights for All" across the top. I plan to keep that edition forever.
Zwei: That fear in the back of my head. We all have them. Imagine what we could do if we really learned to keep them in check!
Drei: Wet armpits. For my friends who get them, not me.

11. The Final Three (x Three)
I hand you a genie - what are your three wishes? Limitless house projects budget, limitless house project enthusiasm from Markus and for Little Child (our puppy) to live forever.
List 3 things you can see out of your window right now. I can see the hotel where Markus and I stayed after we were married from my office window! I love it!
Who are three people, living or dead, you would invite over for dinner? My grandfather (I would love for him to meet Markus!), Steve Martin and Nora Ephron.

You can meet more bloggers over at Blair's Headband today! Or take a stab at some of these yourself and link up if you're a blogger!

Do you have a good answer to any of these questions?
If you could ask me anything, what would it be?


  1. Giggling at the _____ & _____ blog names. Your is definitely the most original :) I probably need to get on the list for Start at the library.

  2. I thank you for your eradication of wet armpits. For... for my friend, that is.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Miss Lilly... Now I can't wait to meet you on the 17th even more than ever!!!!I'll email you. Adorable interview!

  4. That picture of you is so cute!! Laughing about the memory of you crying over Seinfeld..I'm pretty sure Dad shed some tears too

  5. love it! i share the love for dallas (hometown and came right on back after college), paris, eggs, and for FLY :)


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