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Design Files: Cornice Bed Loves and a Giveaway from Antique Drapery Rod Co!

15 May 2013

One of my bedroom confessions (of the design kind) is that I am a total sucker for a canopy bed. My baby sister is only 18 months younger than me, so I was transitioned to my big girl bed and forced to graduate from my crib a little early. My parents decided to entice me to move up in the bed world with a cherry wood, four poster canopy bed with a perfect, unicorn print topper and dust ruffle all the way around. It was a little girl dream, and I've loved canopy and four poster beds ever since.

Lately I have really loved cornice beds and canopied day beds as a fun alternative to the four poster and an easy way to make a big statement in the bedroom if you are renting or still building your furniture collection like I am. If you follow along my home board on Pinterest, you know this already! Here are some of my favorite examples of how a bed really becomes striking with some hardware and fabric:

The mix of pinks here is perfect!

 I really love how adding canopy hardware changes a daybed from a random piece of furniture to a statement:

via Frances Schultz

...making the perfect sopisticated hideaway for a child's or guest room:

via The Boo and the Boy

Antique Drapery Rod Co, who makes and sells the natural bamboo curtain rods in my bedroom and the recycled aluminum rods in my living and dining rooms, is answering the call to all things cornice with new hardware made specifically for turning standard beds into amazing canopies!

Since our bed is already four poster, I'm spinning my wheels on how I can use some of this great new hardware, made in Dallas to the same standards of sustainability as their other products, on a new project at our home. I already have some top runner favorites in the collection.

This one is a given if you look at my favorite daybed pins!

I also love this simple cornice that would be easy to add some curtain panels to for a dramatic effect, maybe with a sunburst mirror over the headboard area to make it more contemporary:

If you're working on a nursery, their smaller coronas are perfect for the effect on this crib:

Antique Drapery Rod corona on

There is also tapesty hardware in the new line if you want to hang a statement piece in a bedroom as art or a different twist on the standard headboard, like in my (real life!) friend Evan's Dallas apartment, featured last month on Apartment Therapy. I love how he decorated with a gorgeous blanket that is a little warm for Dallas and a masculine and modern take on a tapestry hanging!

Not only do I bring you some decor eye candy today, Antique Drapery Rod is letting you in on the fun of transforming your bedroom with a FREE giveaway from their new bedding collection! The winner of this fun giveaway will recieve all of the hardware to complete their bedroom design fantasy. All you need to complete your look is a little fabric and creativity!

To enter the Antique Drapery Rod Co. bedding collection hardware giveaway:
- Visit to view their new bedding collection and leave a comment on my blog below with your email address and what hardware set you'd like to have
- For an additional entry, like Pancakes and Beet Juice on Facebook and leave me a comment here letting me know that you've done so!

Best of luck to all the entries! Winners will be announced on Friday, May 24. 

What is your bed preference - platform, sleigh bed, canopied styles?

Anything that you always love to see in a bedroom design?


  1. Ah, I love the British Corona. My bed even looks like the one in the picture they show it with.

  2. And I'm following you on Facebook

  3. Hey Miss Lilly... I love canopy beds too. The photo of the little girl's crib it to die for!!!

  4. Love all of them and am going to order the corona for my guest bedroom if I don't win it! Love the white drapes flowing down over the bed dressed in white. Divine!!!

  5. I love the Lit a La Polanaise and have plans for it in my Master Bedroom.:)

  6. nice color combination. The 2nd pic is my favorite. The combination of greens are perfect. It gives a cooling effect, really relaxing.

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