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Back in the Saddle [One Leg at a Time] and the dOHm Giveaway Winners!

02 May 2013

I have a funny thing where I don't really believe in apologizing for a lack of posting. As a writer, I believe the first lines are the hook, and while apologies are endearing they don't do much to get me excited to read on. And I don't really believe a blog should be required to write at all times and through all seasons. But here I am a natural rule breaker, writing a [poor excuse for] a lack of blogging apology.

As I've shared a few times before, my job entails responding to disasters. In the past year I've worked tornadoes in my hometown, Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy and, this week, the explosion in West, Texas. It is a job that brings a lot of uncertainty and late hours to my life along with immense gratitude for what I have and honor to be the arms to reach out to someone else when they are going through what will likely be the hardest times of their lives.

It is an honor of a job that also makes me a "bad" blogger. Lots of things to share, exciting people to work with and other blogs to enjoy when suddenly I get swooped up from my fun Internet world and dropped into disaster bizarro world. As a blogger, I love writing about the pieces of beauty and joy I find in the every day, and I love coming here to document my growth and thoughts or take something I'm going through here as a catharsis. Both of those are hard to come by when I'm in the middle of or coming back from a disaster. I can feel guilty finding joy in things that usually make me smile because I'm thinking of the people I just met who still have nothing. I don't feel right bringing my disaster experiences here because the most powerful stories aren't mine to share.

As soon as I'm ready to come back I start questioning if what I share here is worth sharing at all, if I'll ever make as big of an impact as other writers who can post every day, guarantee deadlines to people they work with and know where and when to link up all over the cyberweb. But my quality internet friends always bring me back. Seeing Town and Country Mom's daughter with her new puppy made my week! And I realize it's about quality, not quantity when it comes to all good things in life.

So instead of an apology, this is more of a thank you. For being patient through the life that is the most bizarre but rewarding job ever. And a very special thank you to my family (Mom, Markus, Sistah, Little Child +) and friends who get it. My job proves it's not about stuff in life. That can all leave you in a second: from precious photos to the home you picked the perfect tile floors for. Life is about people. And I feel like I'm surrounded by the best of the best.

And now it brings me great pleasure to announce the winner of the dOHm giveaways! My dOHm came with me to West and I would not have survived in a country cabin with no hot water without this little guy. Michelle and Kelsey and Taylor! Please email me your addresses at lillycneu at and I will send you out your new life saver!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway and to the best blog friends a girl could ask for! I'm excited to be back to my usual quasi-normalcy next week!


  1. Welcome back, sweet Lilly... How wonderful that you volunteered your time to such a wonderful cause. Glad you're home safe!!!

  2. We love our dOHm. When we moved from Dallas to NYC, it was one of the first purchases we made to keep our dogs calm! We call it their "puppy music" and use it daily! :)Love reading your blog...a friend shared it with me a few months ago, and I've been reading ever since.

  3. Welcome back! You shouldn't ever feel like you need to apologize for a job and a life that makes you happy : )

  4. Liily , so proud of you sharing your compassion for others in West! Love hearing how so many are coming together to help! We need people like you to show us the best way to help !

  5. Never feel like you have to apologize for being an angle or mercy or for having a life. This is YOUR blog and YOU make the rules. But I'm glad you're back.

  6. Oh my goodness we're all so excited! I can't believe we won!


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