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Photos from the Week and the Antique Drapery Rod Co Giveaway Winner!

23 May 2013

This past week was a very intense but rewarding one for our family, like so many others who saw tragedy and then the outpouring of love and moments of hope that come after.

I happened to be working in the disaster field on our recent Texas tornado outbreak when I first heard the news of Moore, and it was chilling. It is absolutely certain that disaster will strike at any time, and I am happy to know so many volunteers who jump to answer the call (with far more enthusiasm and courage and much more often than me). I am also proud to have such wonderful friends and family members, who know my affinity for this cause and always come out of the woodworks wanting to know what they can do and the best way to help.

I was working in Fort Worth and in the field in Granbury:

My sixth day of working tornado madness yesterday I was getting ready to sign off the job, which is always a mix of emotion, and got wonderful news from Markus. He passed the PE exam! I was thrilled and it was the bolt of energy I needed to get me home, my head covered in dry shampoo and on a patio for a short but happy celebration. We will certainly be doing something more formal to toast such a big accomplishment this weekend.

I have been so tickled by how blog friends have asked me about his test since I mentioned it here, and were behind us while he studied and I painfully tried to busy myself as a solo gal about town. From my awesome mom to our cashier friend at Whole Foods Preston/Forest who saw Markus wheel his books in with a shopping cart because it was too many to carry and go study in their upstairs bistro area for hours, people have rallied around our very small but time consuming cause. It was such a wonderful feeling! We are so happy and can't thank you enough.

Here we are yesterday at Blue Fish on Greenville, the same spot where we celebrated our engagement more than four years ago (cray):

Do you think I could make it as a food photographer? The Hawaiin roll here is my favorite, and they have gluten free soy sauce! 

We also had to stop by our happy place, Pokey O's, for ice cream sandwiches with their gluten free cookies that were right out of the oven! I chose butter pecan as my flavor this time and it delivered.

Markus took this picture in disbelief that in just one bite of my sammy I had managed to get this much chocolate on my face, including by my eye? I don't mess around when it comes to inhaling these ice cream sandwiches!

And without any further wait, it is time to announce the winner of the Antique Drapery Rod Co giveaway! I am so excited about this one and can't wait to see what the winner does with their hardware to transform their bed into major dream space.

The winner is: Amanda B! I hope you love it! Let's get in touch so I can get the good folks at ADR working on your fabulous new bed hardware and shipping it over to you. 

Who has awesome Memorial Day weekend plans? I can't wait to relax!


  1. Miss Lilly ... I had no doubt Markus wouldn't pass... He was smart enough to marry you!!! Tell him congrats. And so proud of you doing all the wonderful work for the Red Cross!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats to Markus - that's very exciting! And you should be very proud of all the work you're doing with the Red Cross. That's pretty amazing stuff!


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