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Treat Yaself: Ya Ya Foot Spa in Dallas

30 May 2013

My life tends to jump back and forth between two universes. There's one world where I am the normal working woman, wife, gal about town and blogger extraordinaire. Then without notice I can be wearing a big utility vest, going through debris fields and working crazy hours.

Getting into second world is easy - there's a bolt of energy from seeing people in need, people rushing to help and knowing that you want and need to be a part of that. Coming back into regular world is not so easy. I've basically lost all normal sleep and eating habits and things like exercise, leafy vegetables and playing nice are far off my priority list. I like to find ways, such as a sweaty bike ride or a trip to the sauna, to push the reset button and go back to real life. Last Friday my hard working coworkers and I found the ultimate respite for relaxation and restoration - Ya Ya Foot Spa!

Even the name makes me happy. But that is nothing compared to how my feet and body felt after 40 minutes of reflexology at Ya Ya. We were bringing a small group (we knew either 3-4 people) at lunch, so I called ahead and got to the basic understanding through some language barriers that there would be room when we arrived at their Bishop Arts District location.

We were greeted with big friendly smiles, a warm foot soak and a little cup of tea. My coworker asked what kind of tea it was and her answer was, "Sorry! No English!" We loved it.

Soakin' my dawgs at Ya Ya
 The chairs are huuuuge and comfy and fully recline for your massage. I sank into mine and enjoyed the rushing waterfall and calming spa music.

There are also big fuzzy blankets on each chair and my reflexologist placed a washcloth over my eyes for night night time. The pedicure place is more where you go to chat. This is a no cell phones, limited talking zone.

If it wasn't obvious before, I think the photo below really sums up how this was the best hour lunch break of my career:

The only other place I've had foot reflexology done before was King Spa, and this was less expensive and more calming. It is so interesting to me that by working the feet this way I have tension leave all over my body, especially my lower back and shoulders. I love to try to follow along on the map of the feet they have nearby to see how each area feels different.

My coworkers and I agreed that the new birthday lunch at the office is a trip to Ya Ya followed by brown bag lunch. What girl doesn't want a nap with her friends on her birthday?


  1. You are suppose to use one foot unless it is a standard and you need your left for the clutch. Use two feet to drive a automatic car is very dangerous. It might even be illegal.

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  3. A comfortable foot massage is a wonderfully pleasant experience that many people view as a luxury, but it can also improve your general well being. Chinese medicine states that there are pressure points in the soles of the feet, which correspond to certain areas in the body.


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