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San Francisco Bay Coffee Eco-Friendly One Cups Review and Giveaway!

03 June 2013

If there is a purchase that has signifcantly changed the life of my family this year, it is likely the Keurig machine. Before Keurig we were French press people, which meant I would (politely) urge Markus out of bed before me each morning to boil water, fill the French press, set the timer...all the steps to make me a morning cup of lovin'. The Keurig made it so much easier for me on weekends, if Markus was traveling or if I overslept - basically all the time! It was love at first brew.

Sadly, the inital afterglow of the Keurig was not as extended as I would have thought. I was used to really strong coffee with bold flavor, and many K-cups were less than when compared to the coffee I loved before. I went from local roasters with fair trade policies to buying what was on sale since the price per cup can be expensive depending on the source and brand. And for someone who really tries to rely less on disposable plastics knowing their harm to the environment, my heart sank with each trip to the garbage disposal to dump my all plastic, single use K-cup that would go to spend many (many, many) years in a landfill for my short coffee break.

When I found San Francisco Bay Coffee at consumer's Heaven aka Costco, I really thought it was too good to be true. It was marketed as sustainably made coffee for your OneCupTM maker from a small, family business and at a great price. The coffee is strong and strengthens our world at the same time though the company's amazing fair trade and community aid initiatives.
After blowing through my 150 pack from Costco, I wrote the Rogers family to let them know how impressed I was with their joe and the business model to go with it. They graciously sent me four other flavors to try (I purchased French Roast from Costco).

Unlike most flavored coffee pods where you might get a hint of flavor with them, these were really flavorful! I went for the Pumpkin Spice first, and this brewing in the Keurig filled the whole house with an amazing smell that pulled me out of bed. Because, yes, while the Keurig was purchased for me to make coffee more independently, I've found it still tastes better if Markus makes it for me...

The espresso roast is really deep without being at all bitter. The Hazelnut Creme tastes like a light Nutella latte! The flavored coffees are all the benefits of a flavored latte with none of the calories. I see a fall for 2013 without my extra Pumpkin Spice Latte weight thanks to this new find, and it's looking good.

See how the pods are made from more biodegradable materials and less plastic? That means less guilt when I throw them away!

The Rogers Family and San Francisco Bay Coffee not only wanted to fill my kitchen with their amazing brews, but they are going to send a starter kit of their OneCupTM pods to a lucky reader who enters my giveaway! You do not want to miss out on this goodness, so please enter below using Rafflecopter. A winner will be selected on June 24! Best of luck!
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  1. Can family members participate?! : ) Seriously, I am going to try this product out for our office - we go through 3-4 boxes of Kcups per week and every time I throw the pods in the trash I think of the landfills...

  2. I want to win! I want to win!

  3. I so want to try the Hazelnut Cream, I will wait until Fall to try the Pumpkin Spice.

  4. i want to try this! Heading to costco tomorrow!

  5. Thanks for the heads up...sounds like great coffee!!!!

  6. These sound awesome! I haven't been using my Keurig much lately because I too feld bad about all the plastic cups in my trash. And I love a good excuse for a trip to Costco!

  7. I Love Strong coffee! I want to try The Pumpkin Spice, I'm sure it's amazing.

  8. I want to try the rainforest blend!

  9. I like it strong so I'd love Fog Chaser!


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