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The Birthday Project - Spin Class for School Supplies! Benefitting Community Partners of Dallas

27 June 2013

Subtitle: Absolutely the coolest thing I've ever blogged.

It's almost here, everyone. This time next week I will be celebrating my first day as a 28 year old. As I mentioned earlier this month, I love birthdays as a time of celebration, introspection and an opportunity to seize a change or bring people together. Hopefully today's big announcement in a step towards doing all three this year!

Come June I can feel the birthday approaching and start looking back on the changes I've made, what I've enjoyed and things I've accomplished. When I thought about my life and things that brought me purpose and new experiences, two things have filled my year with a fresh perspective: my time as a Junior League of Dallas volunteer with Community Partners of Dallas and starting to set personal wellness goals as a member at Flywheel Sports.

Leaving volunteer opportunites like Easter basket stuffing and reading books on the Storyline with Community Partners and finishing a Flywheel class left me euphoric and with the same thought, "I wish I could bottle this feeling and pass it out to people."

That became my goal for my birthday planning. A way to get people together, from people I love to people I have come to know and enjoy through blogging and people I've yet to meet - all the people!!, together to enjoy Flyweel in the funnest way through a special theme ride while learning more about the important mission of Community Partners of Dallas, bringing pride and support to abused and neglected children in Dallas.

The Spin Class for School Supplies Ride was born! In my head, while riding bike 44 at the Flywheel studio. Where I get all my great ideas.

I called all my friends and, just like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, posed my question:

"Remember when you went to some fancy dinner for my birthday and spent too much money and woke up the next day feeling just the same? This is SO MUCH BETTER than that!"

Friday night, before you go out. $25 for 45 minutes and (thanks to an awesome match from The Donachie Foundation) TWO backpacks filled with brand new school supplies go to abused children who are in transition after being removed from abusive homes and are dying to go back to school. To get some normalcy and be a regular kid.

To you and me school supplies might have been just another way to add to our Lisa Frank colleciton, but to the kids CPD serves, these are more than backpacks. These are bandaids on wounds, and a way to tell a child that might have one pair of new clothes to their name that when school starts this year he or she has another chance to take things back. I hope you will come spend some time with me doing something great for yourself, that is only made better by knowing you're reaching out to two children who want more than anything to make change in their life for themselves.

I grew up in a life that was by no means a hardship. I did though, face a chapter or two where school was a place where I found solace from family challenges. I would go early to hang out with friends, stayed late for activities and even went up on the weekends to help build sets for plays. For the children we're serving through Community Partners, it's that and more. It's a place where people don't hurt you. It's a place where you get a hot meal every day. For many it's where they can get their diploma and a job where they can take care of their siblings and stop the cycle of abuse.

I hope you can join me for a fun night of spin - we're playing school yard anthems all night long, from Tears for Fears to Salt N' Peppa - while we give back to a great cause and finish the night with a big slice of birthday cake! There's no such thing as a birthday celebration without cake, right? I'm partnering with my original favorite instructor, Mark, for the best 45 minutes of your summer. We can't wait to see you there!

Bikes are $25 and first come first serve (there are 47 in the stadium so bring your friends but act fast!). Reserve your bike by emailing and you can get more information on our public Facebook event page here! Every dime goes to Community Partners of Dallas.

I think it is important to note that Flywheel was over the moon to work with me and host this ride, opening their doors and having their staff there at completely no cost so every part of your donation goes directly to fund backpacks for children. And just to be super clear, I am in no way whatsoever am getting any money or anything else for this evening. Just quality time with quality people for an exceptional cause!

July 19. The ultimate Flywheel spin class. Two backpacks for children in need.

You in or what??


  1. Ok - I'm in - I'll try to rally a few friends to join as well. AND Mark Ross (told him I'll pay his way LOL)...What a great event for a wonderful cause - and a neat way to celebrate your bday!

  2. What a wonderful, selfless way to spend a birthday!! Hopefully, #2 doesn't have to work. I'll be in touch.

  3. So happy that the Donachie Foundation can match funding for the seats you sell. You and Mark have put a great spin on raising funds for a GREAT CAUSE!

  4. You rock! What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Love this idea. Might be stealing it for the big 4.0 (at least I have a few years to plan. ahem)

  5. You are the best, Lilly! I just reserved my spot -- but when you sell out, I'll be happy to give mine up (my bike skills are not up to par), but still donate!

  6. Love your Birthday Project and so excited to hear how it turns out! Please stop by the Facebook page and share the end result (if you don't mind, I'll probably post about what you are doing since this is sure to inspire our readers!) happy Birthday and keep in touch!
    Robyn Bomar
    Founder, The birthday Project


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