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Friday Favorites: Spaces and Places

07 June 2013

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a busy but fun week here. I have been running around and got to pop in on some of my favorite places in Dallas and out west.

Here's a wrapup of some of the spots that kept me smiling while I was on the go go this week:

Norma's Cafe in Oak Cliff

This historic Dallas diner is in Oak Cliff, with newer locations in Plano and Frisco. It's a Dallas landmark, great for people watching and has some of the best Migas in town. For those of you not from Texas, Migas are scrambled eggs with tortilla strips, jalapenos, tomatoes and onions. They are the perfect blend of crispy and creamy, sweet and hot and my favorite TexMex or breakfast food. Norma's is also awesome about giving back to local charities so I love to take my interns here on their first day of summer session to gague their reaction to the mix of people and menu items. Our new intern polished off a burger basket and said she wants to go back to try the chicken fried steak, so it should be a good summer!

The gluten free gorgonzola pizza at Taverna.
The room was dark but my heart shone bright in a Heaven of carbs!

This cute Italian spot off the Katy Trail has caught my eye for a while, but I only recently discovered their risotto was gluten-free and they also offered gluten-free pizza crusts and a pasta. My sister and I walked the trail after work and ran some errands, so we were pretty scrubby but they welcomed us with open arms and bottles of wine. It was a perfect dinner. The risotto was amazing (like if my college lover Rice a Roni got the Pretty Woman treatment) and the pizza was fantastic. We ordered the gorgonzola pizza and the strong cheese pairing with pear, prosciutto and arugula was amazing. The best meal I've shared with my happy little Sistah in a long time! They also have locations in fort Worth and Austin for when I need to gluten free carbo load on the go.

Rich and pretty vanilla nut flavored coffee from local brewers J&B in Lubbock.

Lubbock, Texas 

Of all the things about Texas that make me happy, Lubbock likely tops the list. There are so many wonderful memories in this town - from showing up knowing almost no one but ready to make big changes to my life to meeting Markus at the pizza place on the corner. The people in Lubbock are insanely friendly. I had a blast showing my coworkers around on our trip. We did lunch at Gardski's Loft (which now boasts a gluten free menu!) and of course picked up coffee at my favorite java shop in the world, the J&B. Going through security at the airport, the TSA agent told me to "hold still and smile like a model" for my creepo X-ray. Guess what? I totally did. Such a wonderful way to close out a week! 

How was your week? Visit any old favorites or new discoveries?

We're looking forward to working a lot on our deck rebuil

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  1. I am a new follower of your blog and I am so happy to hear that you love Lubbock. I was born and raised there! Go Red Raiders!!!
    Now I live in AZ but still my heart is there.
    My blog is The CSI Project
    I don't get there too often but I am glad to hear Gardski's is still around and doing well.


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