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June is for Juicing (and Other Things That Make Me Happy!)

04 June 2013

Dear friends of Pancakes and Beet Juice (and me),

I come to you today with both great and crazy news. The month of June is here! Almost halfway through a year where I set quite a few goals and really hoped to find time to make myself and my health a priority amongst all of my other commitments: work, family and personal.

I am also in the last month of being 27, the last month of my mid twenties if I fudge up and include this year as "middle" instead of just "late." I love that we turn a new number each year, that we get the start of a calendar year all together on New Year's and also our own day to individually take stock of what we've done with the past 365 and where we want to go next. I have loved so much of the past year and can already feel big news and exciting changes for me on the horizon. I am really trying to make my birthday this year a reflection of the celebration and gratitude I feel for everyone who has made my life so special lately (this is what I might call blog foreshadowing! Stay tuned for lots of fun birthday related fun!)

July I want to feel my best, so June I am going to do my best! It's been a while since I've listed out some personal goals on le blog, but I am going to try to be super accountable in June and I will feel the pressure from all my friends in internet land each time I think of slacking off if I know they are written here!

When I want to clean up my act, I'm about doing more or doing better instead of doing without in terms of dieting and exercise. Here's what I think will be the magic formula for a happy, healthy me come July:

Juice Every Day in June - I typically have a big (like Big Gulp size) glass of fresh juice on weekday mornings. During disaster responses and busy weekends in May, it was far less than usual. I want to keep the routine going and hit every day this month, including weekends! I always feel great and when I get so much healthy goodness at the start of the day, I want to eat better at other meals too.

Mix It Up to Tone It Up - I have been a huge Flywheel devotee this year, and it has been one of the best desicions I've ever made health and happiness wise! I look forward to seeing everyone there every time I go. Flywheel is definitely a full body workout, but I wanted to take the toning up a notch before our beach vacation, so I am also trying the 30 day new client special at The Bar Method in Dallas as well for June. So far I think the two work together in awesome ways and I've already seen results, if you include not being able to walk!

One Thing from a Tree (or the Dirt or such) - Trying to think of something clever for this one but basically, I need at least one fruit or veggie with every meal. Grilled cheese, I love you but I'll see you next month!

What do you think? Is my bikini bod and shiny new outlook on life just a few days away with this fool proof program?

What do you do when you want a fresh start health and fitness wise?

Any big summer plans that merit a get right for the summer workout plan?


  1. You're right, it's awesome to have both a new year's holiday and a birthday to take stock with.

    Juice is like crack for me, so I totally get that goal. I cut back on carbs when I need to get healthy - and always drop a few pounds in the process. It's amazing how so many of our foods are filled with empty carbs, so avoiding them naturally steers me to proteins and tons of veggies.

  2. Ohhhh... just saw this so couldn't help you in June, but adding a generous handful of finely chopped red onion (raw) to the cheese layer in a grill cheese elevates it to another level completely!!! AND you get your veg in ;-)


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