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My Friends of the Internet: Meet Megan of Greetings from Texas!

10 June 2013

Happy Monday, pals!

Oh the people you find on the Internet. Some of the most funny, poignant and inspiring people have blogs. And sometimes...well, you know.

I am happy to report I've found another one of the good ones, Miss Megan at Greetings from Texas! Here are the steps Megan and her blog took to capture my heart:

1. Secure placement in Badass Hall of Fame in the most badass of ways: beating cancer
Megan came to Texas on a mission, and that was to walk into MD Anderson in Houston and kick her stage 3 ovarian cancer to the curb. Megan has done some awesome videos for the hospital and has great insights into life as a young cancer patient! Check out my favorite:

2. Aquire the hottest blogger accessory in the best way and name it after one's favorite rapper 
Double check for Megan. Her daughter, Macy Carter (inspired by Sean Carter aka Jay-Z), is the most expressive and squishy looking babe of all the Internet right now. Megan and her husband adopted Macy with a really exciting birth story to boot, and they are the cutest family!

3. Write a tell all book about your life
Megan's upcoming book, 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One, is all about the things Megan learned while overcoming cancer and welcoming her new baby home. Pretty inspiring stuff. If I had to write a memoir about the monumentous changes of my twenties, like 80% of it would be about thinking Ranch dressing was the best without even having tried Jalapeno Ranch.

4. Be down with the style of Noonday Collection
Megan is hosting a giveaway from my Noonday site on her blog today! Make sure to head over to her blog and check out all the fun!


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