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Deliver Us from Heat Stroke: New Seattle's Best Drive-Thrus and a Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

13 June 2013

I am a native Texan, a sweat lover and a woman far above the need to post photos of the thermometer on my dash when it starts to get balmy outside. But my deliverance, surely it has never been as hot in Texas as it has felt here the past few days.

Maybe it's the cooler spring that did nothing to get us accustomed to the triple digit temps, or maybe it's the thick humidity, but the clothes are sticking, the A/C is hustling and peeps are getting cranky. When Seattle's Best Coffee opened their new drive-thru coffee shop kiosks in Dallas a few weeks ago it was right in time. Frozen and iced coffee without having to turn off your car air conditioning or peel yourself off the leather seats is the way things were meant to be in this great state.

Seattle's Best was nice enough to send me a fun care package with lots of information on their new drive-thrus and included a gift card to try the experience for myself. Last Friday I loaded my hippie wagonmobile with some of my favorite coworkers and we took off down the street to their Mockingbird location for the ultimate coffee run!

I happen to keep a maraca from a pre-drug cartal trip to Mexico in my car for jamming out my frustrations in traffic. My coworker loved shaking her maracas (in every way that implies) in a fit of joy as we drove to get our Friday afternoon treats.

I had been to the Seattle's Best on Northwest Highway before our coffee run, and that store was exceptionally friendly. However, Mockingbird is giving that team some serious competition when it comes to friendly service and shared maraca enthusiasm. This guy was amazing. We loved his mustache and my coworker might have tentative plans to dance with him at the Slip Inn this weekend. Love in the drive-thru, y''s the Nora Ephron movie of our time.

The coffee itself was fantastic as well. It has a full flavor and packs quite the punch as far as strength and go-go factor.

My girl Arti is lactose intolerant and was really happy with an iced coffee made with soy milk.

My sweet intern Micaela received her first and only payment for her work this summer in the form of a frozen vanilla coffee. A few of us had frozen drinks and the consistency is just right. The ice is really fine so it has a serious chill factor without having to crunch anything or ice chunks backing up your straw. 

I got the Hazelnut Creme frozen coffee and it had a subtle hint of hazelnut while still having a great coffee taste. The crowd favorite was the Seattle's Best signature Frozen Birthday Cake Latte. It has a vanilla flavor and a pretty smattering of sprinkles and white chocolate shavings on top!

The new Seattle's Best Coffees also have sweet and savory pies and other snacks with combo specials for people who need a little something of subtance with their java. We ordered the chocolate pecan and very berry pies, and my happy little coworkers raved about the flaky crusts! They are easily double the size of a pie snack you might order at other drive thrus.

I'm really happy to have these new Seattle's Best Coffees in neighborhoods where I live, work and run errands so I can get a quick fix to beat the heat and get a pep in my step through this summer before I transition to their hot coffees this fall! Although I am one of those crazies that will wear a coat while sipping my iced coffee.

If you're in the DFW area, you can find a Seattle's Best Coffee drive-thru close to you on their website, and enter your chances below to win a $10 gift card to use on your visit! Best of luck to all the participants!


  1. The Birthday Cake drink and the chocolate pecan pie look so good! Definitely made it on my "must try" list!

  2. Miss Lilly... I smiled thru this whole post. Love the maraca to ease traffic frustrations. I must get one for the Mister!


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