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Vintage Shopping for Him and Her in the Bishop Arts District: M'antiques and Zola's Everyday Vintage

18 June 2013

After posts about my spa and lunching lady's day in the Bishop Arts District last year, my more recent field trip to Ya Ya Foot Spa and my new purchase at Ginger Fox Gallery, it is likely no suprise that this historic part of Oak Cliff is my favorite place to unwind with Markus on the weekends.

The thing about it being so relaxing is that I rarely get into "blog" mode and get out my camera! Last Friday when we were there (before last Saturday when we were also there), I walked into a new spot, M'antiques, and returned to one of my original favorites, Zola's Everyday Vintage. Together they are the his and hers vintage shopping experiences in Bishop Arts, though there's something for either gender in both shops.

M'antiques isn't like those other, frou frou antique shops, but rather for manly he men who like treasures and history. There wasn't a doily to be found in the entire store, but there was a lot of free beer. They told me the get the "better stuff" out after dark which, thanks to my unecessary curiosity, does not (openly) mean pot. 

When Markus and I are in a store like this and see something we both love there is a thick aura of geekyness about us. We were mad for this aging needlepoint below.

Lots of cool antiques, but things you could easily see up in bachelor pads or man caves.

There was a ladies section of vintage clothing and purses. The sign above that area cracked me up, but is so loved by the proprietors that it is not for sale. I could have used this for some of my more adventurous roomates in college.

My take home treasure from M'antiques was a keychain that holds a ticket stub from the Texas Theatre from when it was in operation around the time of the assasination and Oswald's subsequent hideout. The prices on the tickets vary, and I went with 90 cents since that is how much they were charging the day the music died. Apparently these stubs were found in a dumpster by a plumber and are now beautful ways to find your keys and a welcome addition to my tacky 11/22/63 memorabilia.

Next stop for us was Zola's Everyday Vintage, which is a long time favorite of mine that I have to go into every time I'm in Oak Cliff. That's one of my favorite parts of vintage shopping - every time you go there might be something perfect for you!

Zola's has been around the Bishop Arts District as long as I've been coming around. Annette the owner is so lovely and remembers me every time I come in. Her daughter and I both attended the same girls school in Dallas and while I didn't know her there, we love talking about Ursuline together.

Everything in this store is styled and cared for perfectly. It even smells great!

I really love the pouches they've had here recently that are made from upcycled Braniff Airlines stewardess uniforms. I very strongly believe I was a Braniff Airlines flight attendant in a past life, so I would love to have one of these to carry around my lady things in my bag.

The pouches come in multiple sizes and prints and are lined in the metallic fabric the young ladies of the sky had on their cocktail aprons.

There are cute mini sections in the stores for hats and fascinators (I will be here for my derby hat next year!), a bridal section, a few home items and a men's area.

Being down in the Bishop Arts District is like stepping back in time. I love the brick streets, old fashioned murals and friendly pedestrians. These fun stores complete the package with their vintage pretties and oddities!

Are you a vintage shopper? What's your favorite part of the Bishop Arts District?


  1. Ahhh! This post is reminding me of my one short afternoon in that area after Blissdom and I wish it were closer to me!! I am loving the sign about street ladies and sailors. :)

  2. Miss Lilly!!!! this looks like so much fun!!! Will definitely bring the Mister and #2 down to this darling area. You always have the greatest ideas. Hope you have a good vaca!!!

  3. I found your blog from the link on Young House Love... I'm rather new to DFW (& Tx in general), so I'm loving the fun places to go in the area!

    I have to ask- how much was your keychain? That keychain looks like the perfect gift for my FIL who is crazy about things like that! Thanks!

    1. Hi, Darcey! Here is the best part - the key chain is $6! If you FIL loves JFK things, Texas Theatre also sells t-shirts that are super soft and a quirky gift. Thank you for stopping by! If you ever have questions about anything in Dallas, please always feel free to send me an email! Glad you're here and enjoying it so far!

  4. Okay, seriously falling in love with your blog with each post I read. You're in Dallas?? Fantastic. My favorite part of Bishop Arts is the food. *drool* Specifically Emporium Pies (go in and sit and have a slice of heaven!!), Tillman's Roadhouse, Eno's, and Hatties. Yum.

    1. Amy, you are so right - nothing tops the food in Bishop Arts! I love Hattie's and Tillman's Road House, and the coffee at Oddfellow's! If you like ice cream, the Mexican ice cream shop by Gloria's has the best homemade flavors. My favorites are passion fruit and spicy mango!


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