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Well Hey There, Dallas Morning News!

16 July 2013

Well about the coolest thing ever happened to us this weekend. We were in the newspaper!

The Dallas Morning News Arts & Life section, to be more specific. 

The wonderful Jamie at Dallas Morning News wrote me back in March after finding my blog. At first I was 98% sure I was being Catfished, but that 2% of me decided I should email her back, and I was shocked it was the real deal! I loved having her over and sharing more of the details about our home. My favorite part was picking the stores for my "Where to Shop" pull out section.

Fun fact: The photo of me on the front was taken the day after I got back from West. Talk about parallel lives!

I loved walking to the coffee shop to buy one in person and seeing how someone else sees all the details of our house coming together. You can read the story online and see a few extra photos here!

Have you ever been in the newspaper for anything? I felt pretty cool, if only for a day. 

Bonus question: How many times do you think I did a full out performance to my favorite song from Newsies, below? Correct answer is more than 10.


  1. Lilly... Congrats!!! How great!! Sent your link to my non-blogging buds!! Great write-up!

  2. I have the Fox bust in my study. I hope it adds adventure to my decor like it does yours. I recognize it from Antique Drapery Rod Co, which I adore as well.

  3. I'm still over the moon excited for you about this. It's just too cool!! Yup, I have a famous friend ;).

  4. That's awesome! Congratulations chica! By the way, Newsies is one of my favorite movies, I thought I was the only one!


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