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Most Fabulous Me Time: Luxury on Lovers Spa

18 July 2013

I have to be honest. It's been a wild few months for me. Some that you've seen here and some things that are not in talk about in public stages yet but are extremely exciting for us, albeit intense in the planning and negotiation stages. So stay tuned! And in the meantime, I was very excited to get a break from all of the talking and planning and returns to the proverbial drawing board for some quality me time the weekend before our summer vacation. My staycation destination was Luxury on Lovers in Dallas, and it more than delivered.

After completing work on the recent tornadoes, I was ready for a good soak and scrub and started looking around for a full service spa to try. I really loved Luxury on Lovers during my search because it is a local, woman owned business and looked intimate while offering an exceptionally high level of product and service, which I believe makes a huge difference in facials and similar spa services.

Bonus points for being an almost literal stone's throw away from my house! And being in a cute house itself. Isn't the place adorable?

When I booked my signature facial and eye treatment package, I mentioned I was excited to write about my experience and Caleb, their spa manager who has truly found his calling in life and is exceptional at his job, let me know that if I was really interested in an experience, I had to try their dry salt therapy chamber treatment.

The salt therapy session was 20 minutes in tanning bed-style area with pharmaceutical grade salts and LED therapy lights. It was the perfect place to take a quick nap and get really relaxed before my facial. I battle headaches in Texas summers with seasonal changes, ozone rich heat and the natural dehydraton that occurs from round the clock summer sweaty-ness. After 20 minutes in the salt chamber my sinus and lungs felt completely clear.

The waiting area for between treatments consists of two fluffy, oversized chairs on the second floor. I loved the homey decor. Not sterile and not too heavy with the plinky plunky spa music.

My grand finale was a hydrafacial treatment, which might be my new favorite face contraption. Hydrafacial has the same pen-like design as a microdermabrasion, but ejects a water-like hydrating serum at the same time. It is exfoliating and the solution can be cusotomized for a variety of skin types (My name twin Lilliana used the clarifying serum on me). It brings skin impurities to the top and removes them while putting pure hydration into the skin at the same time.

As for results, I think this is the best my skin has ever looked immediately post-facial, and things kept getting more glowy throughout the week. My skin felt so light and clear that I went make up free for days after the treatment. The photo from below is on a coffee run four days after my spa visit and I am still make up free and lovin' it!

Luxury on Lovers is definitely my new favorite relaxation spot in town. It has an intimate feel of a small busness while offering industry leading technology and treatments. Everyone I worked with was personable and professional, and I felt confident and happy (not to mention completely relaxed) when I went off on vacation!

Do you have a secret pleasure that helps you unwind after big projects? 


  1. Sounds awesome! My hubby and I tried adrift float spa recently on NW Hwy and Preston. It was a unique experience. My hubby loved it. I'm still on the fence a little bit {I did love the anti-gravity massage chairs though.} But the place was wonderful and staff super helpful.

  2. That's a beautiful picture of you! Sounds like a great place. Will definitely try it out!

  3. Thanks, Lilly!

    I'm glad you had a great experience... You're such a doll for writing about us!

    Hope to see you back for another HydraFacial "staycation" soon. :)

    Lisa Cobb, Owner

  4. Taking a Spa break is a great way to have some quality “Me Time”. I have recently started taking spa breaks, until then I have just heard about how amazing and relaxing it is, but after taking it, I realized the meaning of full relaxation.

  5. You look so happy, so nice to see. Totally into the spa breaks at the moment, nice post :)
    Ruby Coleman


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