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A Gypsy and a Palm Reader Walk Into a Vintage Shop

07 August 2013

Ladies of leisure know that weekends are for our special treats: the mall, the nail salon and, for myself most recently, the palm reader.

The palm reader? Yes, my new habit is heading down to my favorite vintage shop, The Dolly Python, to meet with Melinda their palm reader. I suppose it all started since I've been very into turbans and headwraps lately, in the true gypsy style. My search for the perfect gypsy headkerchief led me down to where all the fun is.

I got the one below from Lula B's West, and loved it for the screening of the Imperial Hotel on the front. I had just finished a great summer read, Loving Frank, which mentions Frank Llyod Wright's bidding and beginning work on The Imperial Hotel in Japan, so it felt espeically meant for me.

I love the teal color with my mint brightly wound bracelet and the seagreen tuaga seed bracelet, both from my Noonday store.

My first visit to Melinda was a fluke. We were waiting on a friend and popped into Dolly Python to kill some time. I struck up a conversation with Melinda and soon enough I was in the chair for a reading. Markus really captured the look of excitment and nervousness in this picture.

Melinda Palm Reader Dolly Python
In less than twenty minutes, Melinda was telling me things about myself I had not told anyone before and had helped me navigate what I should do with my career change. I was shocked and totally hooked! She really helped me come to a point of peace and excitement with my plan. Plus she told me a lot of cool stuff about my future that I am not able to divulge in blog land at this time should the voodoo get me.
Now my friends make an appointment with me on Saturday for me to take them to Melinda. Thank goodness it is almost time for closed toe shoes, because all of our pedicure money is going to the psychic now. Our husbands and boyfriends will have to hold their judgement on our janky feet because we need the answers only Melinda can provide. I am basically a huge know-it-all now and why shouldn't I be? I do know it all thanks to Melinda.
Melinda is at the Dolly Python from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. most Saturdays and some Sundays. I like to chekc Dolly Python's Facebook page to see if they will post her arrival as they usually do, or just go by the store on a weekend afternoon and see if she is there. Her appointments start at $15 for 15 minutes and you can add on from there.
Have you ever sought the wisdom of a psychic before?


  1. I really like her name!!:) Sounds fun. I would love to try her out. On the 2nd Tues of the month, a group of psychics do readings at Churchills on the square. I really want to try that some time too!

  2. Seriously. You're the coolest person I know, Lilly.

  3. I haven't been to a palm reader since I was in my early 20s. I've been to psychic and tarot readings before and I think they are a lot of fun! I still remember the last woman I went to who nailed several things on the head...was just thinking about her premonition the other day and how it has been so true!

    I actually did a demonstration speech in college on palm reading. It was great because everyone had their own palm! There's actually a bit of a science to it (in addition to intuition/psychic ability). Anyway...I ramble...but it's so fun! I can see why your pedi money is going Dolly (love her name, too!).

    If I'm ever in your neighborhood I will check her out. It's high time I had my palm read again!

  4. I meant the name of the shop...Dolly Python -- fun! :)

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