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Happy Birthday from Nick Offerman - The Best Birthday Present Ever

26 August 2013

It's a sappy way to open a Monday blog post, but I have a great spouse. Markus loves giving gifts to people. He thinks up things all year long. His gifts are always thoughtful, generous and have an element of surprise. I've been a lucky girl for the past six years, receiving gifts beyond my imagination, but my 28th birthday gift will undoubtedly go down as one of the best.

We don't watch too much TV at our house, but one of my cannot miss shows is Parks and Recreation. My Type A personality and bleeding heart beats for Leslie Knope. Tom is the embodiment of the American Millennial dream. My absolute favorite character, though, is Ron Swanson, who always makes me laugh in a way one does with a character where you're scared of how similar you feel to them. A Bobby Knight loving, outside girl raised by conservatives, I grew up crushing on Tiger Woods and living off of the T-bone steak and eggs special for breakfast at Kel's Kitchen. Ron is sometimes more than a TV character in my mind, he is a fictional father figure and a special kind of dear to me.

My love for Ron Swanson is paralleled by my respect for Nick Offerman, who plays him with total rapture and is a good seeming and funny guy to boot. When I was an awkward theatre comedy junkie in middle school, I idolized Megan Mullally. The articles I read about their marriage and dedication to their art and each other always inspire me in my work and marriage. 

This year has been one of the best in my life. I have a great job. My husband and I have worked hard building a great relationship and seeing the pay off, and we have amazing things to look forward to. I had a very strict rule for my birthday this year: no flashy gifts or funny business...unless it was a signed birthday card from Nick Offerman.

When we were in Belize on my birthday Markus showed me the letter and card he sent Offerman Wood Shop (the family wood shop where Nick receives his fan mail and requests) and I was so tickled that Markus really thought to send a letter and ask for him to sign a card for me. Such a cute story, the end.

Until last week, when I came home and checked the mail to see a letter addressed to me in Markus' handwriting, with a return address of "OWS" from Sherman Oaks, California. What in the Sam Hill...?

My mind started putting theories together but there was no way. My hands got shaky and as I pulled my finger through the top of the envelope and saw the same card in the picture Markus showed me on my birthday, the one he had sent off to Offerman Wood Shop. My knees buckled below me and I sat on the deck.


I couldn't believe it and just sat outside for a moment feeling giddy, special and loved by a good man that gets me for all my quirks and odd obsessions.

Markus' letter specifically asked Nick Offerman to pay us a visit in Dallas, so we're taking full credit for his upcoming appearance in November at the House of Blues. And buying our tickets! 

I'll also be ordering a reading his new book, Paddle Your Own Canoe, as a sign of my appreciation and devotion. Book club anyone? I'll bring the bacon.


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