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Labor Day Weekend Lovelies

03 September 2013

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Three days is so perfect for two Type A project loving errand runners who also need time to relax. Can't we just make it the norm?

Here are some teasers for project updates to come. I love the new awning and the Markus' finished construction on the deck (HALLEELUUU!!). The awning installed has me feeling good about the Palm Springs style paint and accessory plan I have in my head. Now that Markus is done with the tough work it is all on me - right in time for cooler weather soon!

My natural nastiness is through the roof right now. Dear baby, you do not have a car seat yet but I got you such a cute light in your room you shouldn't mind staying home and staring at it should I never get around to transportation needs. Markus thinks the honey-do projects are getting more and more intense. 

So much so that he took one of three naps since we've been together on Labor Day. He's also started watching golf on Sundays. Dad prep much?

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun fashion and giveaway post! In the meantime, I wanted to share a post I did for Dallas Socials on The Top Five Gluten-Free Spots in Dallas. Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Love the awning! And you are definitely nurturing the baby's mathematical skills with that awesome light fixture!

  2. It looks sharp!

    Pointy...I want to touch it!


  3. Love the awning!

    Baby rooms are sooooo much fun to shop for! Car seats, meh. Bedding, yea! And I know a Etsy shop owner that would make a custom wall hanging for you. ;)


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