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Frozen Friday: #Pumpkinber Frozen Pumpkin Lattes and Gift Card Giveaway!

04 October 2013

"Make new friends but keep the old." This was the song and motto before I was honorably discharged from the Girl Scouts as a youth. While I have grown closer to the people I already loved at Flywheel by working together, it still makes me so happy that my former office is really close by so I can meet my friends there regularly for lunch and treats.

Speaking of treats, our standing favorite is still the Seattle's Best drive thru. I give my ladies a little call when I'm down in the parking lot and we take 20 to chat and get our coffee treats on. I was so excited when Seattle's Best let me know all the fun offerings they had for fall and sent me a gift card to try some myself!

The #Pumpkinber collection includes pumpkin flavored lattes, creamers and even pumpkin whipped cream. You can order the lattes hot, iced or frozen or use the pumpkin accoutrement to build your own fall coffee experience.

The standout is the frozen pumpkin latte. My girl Amy ordered it and as soon as I saw it pass through the window I wish I had ordered it as well. The big dollop of pumpkin whipped cream on top makes it a full fall experience.


If this shows you what lack of control I have around food, I used my straw to try her drink and when I took it out some dripped on her cup and in a total pumpkin yummy blackout I proceeded to LICK IT OFF HER CUP. Totally inappropriate. And yet, I would probably do it again. You don't just go around wasting pumpkin whipped cream and after all, we worked in tornado fields together. There is an intimacy that comes from that. (Editor's note: Amy would like to add that this intimacy does not justify cup licking.)

Now that my taste of the frozen good stuff was over, it was time for my original order. I wanted to taste the pumpkin experience but keep it light, so I had made my own coffee concoction by adding the pumpkin whipped cream to a regular black iced coffee. My sorrows of not having a frozen latte of my own were quickly dismissed when I got to experience how light and flavorful my own drink was. Amy agreed that it was delicious but somehow managed to restrain herself from licking my cup.

To get in on the caffeinated fall fun, visit Seattle's Best at one of their Dallas locations. You can even try it on the house with one of the two Seattle's Best $10 gift cards is giving away here! Enter using the Rafflecopter below and best of luck! 

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