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The British Invasion: Aston Martin at Timothy Oulton

15 October 2013

Last weekend was for the most part free and delightful. I've had the project bug to finish our back porch renovation (we're basically just at painting it now!), but the weather has not been cooperative for me with drizzle and rain.

Bad weather for painting, perfect weather for a party at my favorite British home good store, Timothy Oulton. The jolly ol' chaps had an in-store event on Friday with Aston Martin where you should shop, test drive cars and then sip some champagne...after you were back with the sweet ride, of course.

Timothy Oulton events are way beyond the normal in store party with some mini cupcakes and champagne by the register. They are events! This table was amazing and the Earl Grey was nice and strong.

timothy oulton dallas

I loved sipping mine out of my Diana and Charles commemorative mug. Amazing!
Timothy Oulton is the perfect store for walking around with a spot of tea or glass of champagne. They had updated the showroom since I was last in and their team is so incredible. If I had to describe the blue and white plate wall in a word, it would be: dead. 

After I peeled my eyes off the plate wall and picked my chin up off the floor, I went for this yellow sofa next. As you might can tell from my crazy red sofa, I think color is a neutral when it comes to living room furniture and make the best investments for young people. When I rented apartments, the red on my sofa always jumped off the taupe walls and quieted their ick factor. I can't image how cool I would have been in college if I had this beautiful canary number in my old Tudor rent house.

Turns out my college nostalgia was right on target since this piece belonged to the new University of Oxford Collection. All of the colors on these rich leathers are from the schools belonging to the university.

I loved all the trunk-style pieces and the attention to detail on each one. Each trunk and desk is lined with this special fabric made from the colors of all the school crests in the Oxford system. It is such a pretty complement to the leathers!
For those of you not ready to make nice since 1774, Timothy Oulton also has a great variety of Americana pieces and even some spots of Texas! I loved this Texas flag trunk for a coffee table or at the bottom of a bed.

With my visual overload complete, it was time to take the beauty of GB outdoors and test drive one of these beauties!

timothy oulton dallas

aston martin DB9
I loved my ride, the DB9! Super sporty with an automatic drive but gear paddles on the side of the steering wheel if I wanted to get crazy with it. I felt very secret agent, like Agent 99 in one of my favorite shows growing up, "Get Smart."

I am 100% sure taking this photo violated the waiver I signed, but I had to bring you the real experience...

It was quite the way to start a Friday evening! I am so grateful for all of the amazing hospitality and creativity from the folks at Timothy Oulton, especially sales professional Nora Jones who is so incredibly kind to me when I come in. If you are ever looking for a new place to look around or shop for some high quality investment furniture that will stand out from the pack, I hope you will think to pay Nora and my other people there a visit! You never know what will be going on at Timothy Oulton! I am so pleased to have my unworthy spot on the invite list.

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